Bangin' (xtra bump version)

United States
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Mikebanez970 jams
step I
United States
BuzzBomber344 jams

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Just wanted to give this a little "something xtra... ! what a track three thumbs, plas an add for like 9.75 thumbs on the exchange! Biddy biddy biddy, biddy bump bump bow
Tagged as / Sounds like:
testosterone dorque-i-ness


Oh I dig this. :) Such fun got me moving so much on my chair I nearly fell off. ha ha This is one for my two year old grandson. we'll all be all dancing to this when my daughter comes to visit..:W:W:W:W+3
September 09 2018 16:16:28
BuzzBomber Missed this, we made like a bazillion adds to it! This is a fun one, i am glad you enjoy it!<3 +0
BOW BOW BUMP TO THE BOW Wow very very cool<3:Y:D+2
September 09 2018 16:15:29
BuzzBomber Hey this got burried under the later tracks! What a fun one! +1
September 02 2018 20:16:48
BuzzBomber Yah! dance with me AK! :Y:Y:Y:W +1
September 02 2018 20:31:44
AKchen <3:Y:Y<3 +0
Cool add, Buzz.. you be bumping the speakers :):W:W:W+1
September 02 2018 20:17:36
BuzzBomber I is b wikked dorque-y! +1
muito bom, amigo BuzzBomber+1
September 09 2018 16:14:58
francisco al
BuzzBomber gracias, amigo francisco al. Bomp! +0
haha what a great add Dave super cool...;););)+1
September 09 2018 16:14:21
BuzzBomber This was so fun! It is far off my normal path, but it seems like just the right fit! I am glad you enjoy it! +0
verrry cool!!+1
September 09 2018 16:12:58
BuzzBomber Thanks! This one was so fun, and obviously different. Ilike it because it is outside of my normal range, plus i did a pretty unusual part that totally worked! so much fun! +0
love this! :D+0

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