Twin Birds w/ Guitar MIDI sounds...

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GlezBass1712 jams
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Although it looks like another instrument, it is a guitar with double tone as I explain in the technical part, with Clean + OctaveUp effect sound in one channel and MIDI sounds of a Yamaha MX49 Motif in another channel. -GUITAR: Yamaha Pacifica 112 -MIDI sounds: Yamaha MX49 VoiceChoir and Flute -Interface MIDI: SONUUS G2M V3 -Analogic effect guitar: Boss ME50B OctaveUp Chorus Reverb -Preamp: Behringer UltraValve Gain Mic200 Gain50 -Vst effects: Compresor, Valve TLEmulated, Duet Enhanced Stereo Channel Left: Guitar with OctaveUp Channel Right: from 0:10 ...


sounds awesome Mario...;););)+1
September 04 2018 19:47:14
GlezBass thanks Nils! cool sound! ;) +1
Súper Jazzero, buen sonido, estructura interesante a más no poder, los acordes, todo está bien entramado, es un track excelente, me encanta cuando entran los armónicos, todo el track ha sido muy completo y de mi total agrado+1
September 03 2018 19:02:36
GlezBass excepto las pruebas del sonido y la grabacion MIDI,lo demas pura improvisacion, desde el bajo que salio en un rato, hasta las crazy guitars!, solo he borrado digitalmente las notas que no me gustaban... ni se como ha salido, resumiendo ;)

Como dice Victor Wooten... si te equivocas en una nota, la correcta esta un semitono arriba o abajo, este track es un ejemplo ja ja ja ja
September 03 2018 19:10:37
jussef63 jejej errores para tí y aciertos para los demás ;) +1
Outstanding playing with Beautiful lines with harmonic extensions a some mode improvising!!! Really cool Jazz!!!! the counter point between your bass and guitar is Incredibly Wonderful, Glez!!!+1
September 03 2018 17:29:24
GlezBass Many thanks Dan for the feedback!! the midi added sound is very cool +0
Major 3rd
very nice....W.R....;O)+1
September 03 2018 16:46:32
Major 3rd
GlezBass thanks Craig! guitar half guitar sound and half MIDI sound with the long shadow of WR behind! ;) +1

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