Changing Seasons

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United States
acoustic Guitar:
FrankieJ378 jams
step I
United States
Mixer & Vocals:
solozolo522 jams

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Wonderful song solo<3+1
September 09 2018 00:32:01
solozolo Thank you B) +1
good song!! I can imagine a tambourine sound in the back+1
September 08 2018 01:40:22
solozolo Thank lord knows i try .... +1
September 10 2018 02:35:47
Demian You do it very well i think! Drums comming soon... +1
Seasons come and go……So does the snow
You seem to be ……Always here with me
You’re not like the Seasons….
I know I’ve been told ….Countless times before
That you want to love me for ever
The way I see it
You are part of me now
You’re not like the seasons
I won’t let you go
You stand always so tall
When you stand next to me
You’re like a little Angel
Sitting next to me
Seasons come and go
So does the snow
As I sit here and looked into your eyes
I can see everything deep down in your soul
Darling tell me one thing that you’ll never let me go
Never let me go
And I promised this to you
I won’t be like the seasons ….That come and go
I’ll hold you closed
Through the coldest nights
Looked you in your eyes ……Tell you I love you
Yes looked you in your eyes Tell you I love you

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