in the maw of death

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read an article about the effects of raising and lowering the pick-up height---so this is a test with my middle pickup(single-coil) in combo with 2 humbuckers that work like 2 and 4th position on a Strat ---- so a lot of combos of the selector position --just for hearing ---- The higher strings side of the pickup was lowered--supposed to give a more woody/sustain sound
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blues, jazz, laid-back


Like it very much Jim !! Very cool and interesting !!+1
Sonds Great!!!!The key for me is your Excellent creativity and playing!!! But...... it is GREAT to sound GREAT!!!+1
I readjusted all three pickups on my strat with a vernier caliper some time ago, I found some good information about that on the net with the exact measurements. Basically, if too close then you lose sustain. Cool sound you got here!!+1
Admit it, you copped a buzz and went with the moment, I know I want to now. Sounds cool Jim.:D+2
September 07 2018 05:27:59
GemmyF I stay in a buzz! So there! +0
September 07 2018 13:45:45
Ernie440 perma-baked! +1
September 07 2018 14:17:06
GemmyF [img][/img] +1
Cool .. very interesting!! :W:D Sounds groovy brah! :)+1
I can hear differences, i like the idea of "shoot outs" like this to demo these changes. So, did you find a setting you like, and/or do this changes accomplish what you want, will you utilize this going forward? You know i am biased, and in fact have almost made a goal of trying to have one "sound" and I fit that to everything i do. It is so interesting to see your (another human's) process, and of course hearing your conclusions!+0
September 07 2018 01:59:03
GemmyF Yeah I like the single coil --middle pickup on the high strings down --- seemed to give a fatter sound on the high strings where I lowered it --- I liked it and it does knock down the volume that the pick-up isn't as close to the strings but I did like on the 2 and 4 position how it seemed to give me some control with the way the two pickups blended +0
Very cool ambience ,nice experiment Jim ,sounds cool!! :Y:)+1

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