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Hey guys .. after a really exhausting day I just played around with my looper.. to get myself down a bit .. Maybe you like it.Thank you for listening, my friends


well played Patrik...;););)+0
September 09 2018 22:41:48
Offfocus Thank you so much, Nils:D +0
love that sound :D+0
September 09 2018 07:13:15
Offfocus Thank you so much, Navota.. some vibes from an Indian flute might help here? Best .. pat +0
Sounds fantastic !! Super Pat, großartiges layering !! Sehr sehr cool :) <3+0
September 09 2018 07:11:58
Offfocus Danke dir, franky!! +1
:D fantastic Patrik+0
September 09 2018 07:11:00
Offfocus Thanks my friend .. needs a lead!!:D +1
September 09 2018 16:59:06
ivax :D +0
Very cool!!! Love it!!!! What I learned now that I am retired is that when I was working a day career like you are now, that experience inspires what you play which is good because it is the real you just as much as the music you play!! Excellent playing and composition!!+1
September 09 2018 07:10:37
Offfocus Thanks so much, Dan! I need to go couple of yers still .. but I’m looking forward .. I won’t be bored .. think you aren#t too, correct? :D +1
September 10 2018 16:47:21
Itocpogo No, I am not bored at all! A lot of that is because of finding Wikiloops as a Fantastic inspiration and creative outlet. When I retired, I searched for live playing but found I no longer like traveling too far and playing so late into the night, and so aware how much oder I was then the others! Trying to find musicians my age was almost impossible, and when I did the playing was not uplifting! I was also aware and bothered me that if I did get a gig, I was taking it a way from a young player finding their way. But with WLoops, WOW, a new inspiration trying to play what others liked on their tracks. Also a new challenge in constantly hearing myself recorded and working to sound better. +0
Toll gemacht - gefällt mir sehr :)+1
September 09 2018 07:00:02
Offfocus Hi René, vielen Dank! War eine Art von Meditation;) .. hat guuut getan :D +0
Das ist wunderschön - sowohl die Loop als auch das Overlay! :)+1
September 09 2018 06:58:52
Offfocus Hey Wolfgang.. Danke dir sehr fürs reinhören!! Ich freue mich, dasss es dir gut gefällt!! +1
Klingt toll, das sollte gewrikt haben:D;)+0
September 09 2018 06:57:56
Offfocus Hi Jolux, danke dir!! Is ja noch ziemlich nackt .. keine Lust zuzusteigen?? ;) +1

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