The Hands of Time

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I'm over four years late to this party, but since I've heard this played by Oliv in Steinfeld 2018 I knew I wanted to play it. Memories of Steinfeld... and thanks to Oliv, Klaus, and Shi for a wonderful jam! :)
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6/8, swing, nylon, brushes, fretless


Sounds great W - and i personally love digging thru the vaults, the only downside to WL is the short shelf life of great material! Blink and you may miss it! killa playing here, man!+1
September 08 2018 17:56:47
wjl Thanks Buzz, that's really appreciated! :) +1
September 08 2018 18:02:21
BuzzBomber I really like the lively sound of your instrument, ther is a sliding quality to this which is very cool +1
September 08 2018 18:10:59
wjl Thanks again Buzz! Kimbo liked that instrument when he tried it in Steinfeld - and I still have the tag "Play me!" on its E tuner :) +1
September 08 2018 18:17:02
BuzzBomber like a bass in "Alice in Wonderland!" haha +1
Great job! One of my favs!+1
September 08 2018 18:13:16
wjl Thanks Joe! And indeed Oliv's composition, DFD's brushes, and Shi are all great :) Played it in Steinfeld with lots of people like marmotte, nadrek, offfocus, Mandolodda, Pewi, and whoever I just forgot ;) +2
September 08 2018 20:07:29
OliVBee the session with Wade and the tabla dude was really interesting ! +2
cool movement :) you still remembered the bridge ! :D+1
September 08 2018 20:10:46
wjl Merci Oliv - and how could I forget this? It's my most played theme at Steinfeld. I will work on a longer version as soon as I'll get all the stems for it :) +1
September 08 2018 20:16:06
OliVBee i promise i'll upload some stuff for you soon ;) +1
Sehr cooler Bass Wolfgang, klingt sehr gut im Mix.
Great Drums,guitar and Vocals,also.Nice track:D
September 08 2018 21:57:28
wjl Danke Jo! Ich mag Lob von Bassistenkollegen :) +1
September 08 2018 22:03:51
Jolux Geht mir genauso;)Der Bass ist wirklich sehr entspannt und klingt richtig klasse.;) +1
Nice add, your fretless seems a great fit with this easy jazz style. Shi's voice is so good here! <3:)+1
September 09 2018 10:32:12
wjl Thanks Brian for your nice compliment! And I agree about Shi who always gets me just melting away :) +0
Sounds great!+1
September 10 2018 16:35:06
wjl Thank you, that's very kind! :) +0
Very good play Wokfgang, yes this is a lovely track, you did a very good job my friend.+1
September 11 2018 05:30:05
wjl I'm remembering Steinfeld with this one, played it there with its author Oliv, and with marmotte and many others - thanks Jussef my friend :)
Edit: listening to it again I must realize that I'm not yet ready for the 16th triplets which *could* have been built in, have to practice these. Like Nilton said in Steinfeld: first you play on a track, then you learn how to play it! ;)
Irgendwie kenne ich diese Akkorde:) Hei Wolfgang, dein Bass passt ausgezeichnet:)+1
September 11 2018 14:59:44
wjl Erinnerungen an Steinfeld :) Da war auch so ein wahnsinnig guter Flötist, der wollte glaub ich was auf dieses Stück spielen ;) Danke für's Lob :) +1
September 11 2018 15:01:15
Pewi :D ja, stimmt, er wollte...;) +1
The Hands of Time
©2014 by Shi

I'm watching, I'm waiting
but what do I know
A heartbeat, a moment
it's just touch and go.
Sun rises and sun sets
forever and so forlorn
and forgotten
not in our control.
A measure,a rhythm
a cadence, a span.
But what is the purpose
the object, the plan.
Could it be more likely
that we so abide
continue, exist and
remain and survive
Because it is better
to just be alive.
Who's counting (who's counting the minutes,
the minutes (who's counting)
who's walking the line(who's walking, who's walking)
However you spin it
there's no peace of mind (no peace)
Back to the Beginning
and surely you'll find
that there's no stopping
The Hands of Time

©2014 by Shi

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