Venus Rising Above

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Hello ColdPlasma Fans;) We are pleased to release the first track from our 2nd upcoming album. This will be a theme album about traveling through outer space and exploring our solar system. We hope you like the start of our journey..please join us:)
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this is totally awesome <3👍+1
September 15 2018 09:07:53
ColdPlasma Thanx very much Mike !! We totally appreciate you did listen and comment this song :) ;) :) +1
superduperabgefahrn ... ein Hörgenuß ;o)+1
September 13 2018 05:20:18
ColdPlasma Vielen Dank Uli , freut uns wirklich sehr, das es Dir gefÀllt ! :) +1
WoW. Glad to hear you back with your great sound. Love your peculiar voice Frank. I really like that way to sing. I mean half-singing, half-speaking.
Yes ! Very very good you both !:D<3
September 12 2018 07:10:26
ColdPlasma Hello Agnés , thank you so so much !!
I tried some different things with the vocals. But I'm not a singer, it sounded not really good. Straight spoken words, also.
So I'm stading in front of the mic and I follow my feeling again. What's the mood, how would I feel right now. That's the mood I had as I wrote the words. And that's what came out of it. I'm really happy that you like it.
Thank you very much my dear friend. Ron did great here with the idea and his work on this track.
September 12 2018 11:51:44
Caroljoyce :D Merci pour ce commentaire Frank. J'adore le titre de cette chanson.<3 A special smile to you both from France ! ;) +1
September 13 2018 05:33:13
ColdPlasma Merci beaucoup pour vos gentils commentaires Agnes. :) <3 +1
Again a great production of you two. Well done. Had only one drawback - did not appear in my news. Will follow you again :)+2
September 12 2018 07:22:28
ColdPlasma Vielen lieben Dank René, freut mich sehr das es Dir gefÀllt!! Ron hat hier den Hauptanteil, der Song stammt aus seiner Feder. Ich habe nur ein bisschen Gitarre gespielt, den Text geschrieben und die Vox eingespielt. Wir arbeiten ja an dem neuen Album, allerdings etwas schleppend, da ich zur Zeit nach der Arbeit abends echt kaputt bin und eigentlich nur noch schlafen könnte.... Blöde Schei*** +1
September 12 2018 07:31:35
abuitremorem Franky - nichts ĂŒberstĂŒrzen. Es ist besser, Du ruhst Dich aus und erholst Dich nach der Arbeit. Bist Du fist, spielt es sich auch besser - das ist meine Erfahrung. +1
Love the sound:D:D :D+2
September 12 2018 07:01:34
ColdPlasma Thanx so much David, you can be sure, we had much fun to do it :D :W :) +1
Hey Ron n Franky:)Awesome track guys,really cool:Y+2
September 12 2018 07:00:29
ColdPlasma Thank you very much Pete !! Great you like it :) +1

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