Monday Blues

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United States
Drums, acoustic Guitar & Vocals:
solozolo613 jams

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Keys if possible Thanx....Michael


I been standing here
Just looking at the clouds
And wondering what to do
I think I’ll go to the beach
I think I’ll go and I reach to the moon real soon
And when I get to the beach
I’m going to drag my feet across the sand
I’m going to reach for the moon
I don’t know exactly what I want to do
I’m going to reach for the moon
Now vie seen you when you cry
I’ve seen you with tears in your eyes
I’m going to reach for the moon
And after I drag my feet in the sand
This old man s getting in the sea
I’m going to reach for the moon
I’m going to go swimming real soon
I’m going to reach for the moon
And when I get wet from the open sea
I’m going to crawl to my baby
Going to reach for the moon
Don’t know when but probably real soon
I’m tired of the beach
so baby I’m coming back home to you
Sounds brilliant!!!:W:W:W+1
Oh yeah-super cool blues-nice work Mikchael:W:W:)

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