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Hey all, Had some fun this morning with these new voicings....Had to do a visit after that so i played it when i came back still having it in my head.... It's one structure but with different feels.... sorry bout that weird synthysolo at the end! Hope it is usable.... i could upload a version without that solo to give it more directional possibilities! cheers and have a great weekend all


Lenny Cowler
very good:)+1
September 17 2018 17:40:45
Lenny Cowler
Marceys Hak you very muchos Lenny, eas a pleasure to play and a good practice too! :) +0
nicely crafted, Marc. it’s a pleasure to hear you put together passages with a sense of taking your time and having a good handle on the forces of creativity. totally surprised by 3:44!, tho earlier in the song i did have a sense of not letting myself get too comfortable in a groove, cuz changes could happen ANYwhere along the way with you at the wheel. :) you do not disappoint. always surprised, Anne+1
September 17 2018 17:39:55
Marceys Haha, hope you didn’t hurt yourself when you fell of your chair when the 3:44 came to your ears! Sorry bout that..... thought it was a bit too smooth so i gave it a “ little” boost there!
Glad you like it Anne! :)
I'm still your fan, Marc ! Ciao !+1
September 16 2018 10:07:08
Marceys A fan, that is good to hear.. glad you enjoy it! +0
Very nice composition of Marceys.
I think there are many participants;)
you always surprise me with your templates.;);)
September 16 2018 10:06:42
Marceys Try to do different things, but it is getting harder to come up with new things... :) +1
September 16 2018 11:25:10
Charli56 Yes, Marcy is that! It's great that you manage to find new music!;) +1
Tremolo vibes are so cool+1
September 16 2018 10:06:12
Marceys The effects of the Kronos is giving a wide sound this way... :) +0
Your musical vision is Incredible!!! I look forward to the many adds this will inspire!!! Synth solo for me is Great!!!+1
September 15 2018 15:27:47
Marceys Thank you for your kind words! I played these voices a bit different as i used to play so i had to play them a couple of rounds first to get them right and play them with somekind of timing! But a good lesson it was! +0

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