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1 this Mancunian keyboard fella in Steinfeld decided to scare the crap out of every guitarist in the room by starting a tune in b and 6/8 Bossa style!.... no warning no nutin'... great fun, but scary to do o the fly without screwing it up. so now, in a more shall we say ....'controlled" environment......two chords for nadrek is born. Get the brushes and fretless bass out lads :D ps the two chords are B9 and C9 and/or Bm7 and ...


these are a few of my favorite things.
oh how nice! - sweet little intro w
nifty progression and your guitar line is excellently edgy.
the Spanish Syncopation is delicious, and i love it every time it occurs. :32 - 55 wonderful ride!! SO many wonderful rides in this, Kimbo - 1:32 - oh yeah! 2:07 beautiful
transition SURE LIKED THIS ONE<3
September 16 2018 23:29:26
kimbo Good to hear from you again lovely lady.
glad you like...but listen to martin's version ... he has as usual played an absolute blinder by fulfilling exactly what I had in mind! Ps glad you like the octave runs...listend to too much Benson as a young boy:D
:D Trombone? Trumpet? Piano, Organ :Y:D+0
September 16 2018 09:04:38
kimbo thats why its for nadrek! +2
For some reason this reminds me of a Charlie Brown cartoon.;)+0
Thanks this will be a fun one for us drummers :D Great guitar work .+0
Liking this a lot. I think my brushes are back from holiday so I'll put them to work! Lol @ Acousticeg's Charlie Brown comparison!

Not sure I'm hearing 6/8 though but I'll withhold judgement until it's in Reaper!
September 16 2018 09:48:16
mpointon Yep. I make it 140bpm (twice the tempo, maths fans!) in 4/4. Sorry.

No matter, I'm on it asap. :)
September 16 2018 10:01:41
kimbo yep... he's right dunno where 6/8 came from?! +0
September 16 2018 11:02:29
mandolodda thanks for the information, I was also looking for the 6/8 :D +0
Cool drive and lot's of space!+0
I’m definitely feeling this one! I’ll be onto it soon. :)+0
September 18 2018 00:05:04
kimbo use the next one up ...martins drumming is superb! and ive done a remix just waiting for trombone and keys...:D :D
if my lead doesn't allow enough space I'll send you a mix without it in and then I'll run around the space you leave me!
great idea, playing and template! :O+0

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