Two Chords And a Brush For Nadrek

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Been a day for brushes it seems! This great little riff from Kimbo's cool catalogue was irresistible even though it's the first time ever, I think, I've ever tried to do a bossa-nova on brushes. Well I say Bossa, it's more kind of just jammed.... Anyway, here it is warts 'n' all. I need to use my brushes more often! I also rolled off Kimbo's guitar around 80hz because it was muddying the kick drum. Using my Yamaha mahogany snare (after getting ...


Good Track, great rhythm.:Y+1
Great one!!!!+1
sounds good, but you did not change the 6/8 and the speed:D+1
September 17 2018 00:56:08
mpointon Lol! D’oh! Fixed it now! :) +0
bloody marvellous! I didn't use a click, so it MUST be allover the place, and yet you fit it up stunningly my man!... just exactly the way I had it in my head...WOW!
nice re-EQ btw... guess I just left the pad cos no bass in place, but defiantly benefits from 80k reduction.
September 17 2018 09:36:38
mpointon Thanks Kimbo! :) Yes, I got it all lined up at 140bpm to find the track drifting to the click so I switched it off and just went for it. I stuck the count-in on so that others can easily join from bar one!

The time drift in this instance didn't really matter because you're following 4-bar sequence which was easy to lock onto. You'll be pleased to know your drift was less than half a bar across the whole track - that's *very* good timekeeping. I couldn't do that!

I will also admit I corrected some of my playing after recording where it sounded like I was 'chasing the track' to keep it driving better.
September 17 2018 22:07:40
kimbo pro! +0
Ohooo, ok, I see :)+1
Just super Martin!! Perfecto!+1
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