Stop Kissing That Girl

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I love your fantastic add. Fits perfect so much more catchy. I had no Idea your Real name was Jack :) Until much later, 12 kids later lol :) Thank you yurgen<3 A lovely surprise :)
Love it!:W:):Y:Y:Y
October 03 2018 23:11:18
jÜrGeN My dear Deezee, it's a pleasure to jam with you :):):) also so much fun to talk with you. Thats not natural after all the years and 12 children 😊 +1
October 04 2018 04:23:13
deezee Thats very sweet of you Jurgen :) It's great honour for me. I love hearing you sing and love your music. lot a fun too. You might be back door rat. lol :) But your a lovable one. :) :) :) Do you know my late brother Roy really, did have Fifteen children, to different woman. Honest. +1
October 04 2018 06:09:50
jÜrGeN Sorry for the word fun. My english is not very good. I found out, that the german word "Freude" is better translated with "joy" not with fun. But we have a lot of fun too ☺. I know your brothers wife Tina....Every thing ok with their children? Especially with Jane, Jacky and Jude?:D +1
October 04 2018 06:14:02
jÜrGeN Back Door Rat. That would be a good song title;) +1
October 04 2018 11:04:54
deezee That's ok. Woah how did you know the names of Tina's kids. Have to do some thinking about this let me see now. wow thats my 12 you have never paid a penny towards, then theres the other 12 you got. Omg now we have 3 more thats 29 kids so far. Anyhow the cops have been looking for you for your years. To give you the Snip lol:o Yeah would go for it. Back Door Rat :) +1
October 04 2018 12:25:44
jÜrGeN ok, you can give the police my GPS coordinates: N 57.33064° W 4.43399°.
I found a new girl called Nessi.:)
October 04 2018 15:50:10
deezee Haha Do you know what the snip means? Ive told them about Nessi as well. And how you hypnotised us all with your great Track called Forest and put us all under a trance like state. Now they are sending out an Alert to ban any tracks called Forest. lol :o:D +1
this is fun :)+1
October 03 2018 23:02:29
jÜrGeN Big fun to jam and to communicate with Deezee ☺ +2

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