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Another delight from BigDaddio. For this one I just added a live drum track on top of his, which was very minimal with a rim shot pattern so I was able to play over it with not to much issue, but still not totally easy as flamming can occur if not precise! Still i hope you enjoy this remake, which I did to make it sound like a real drummer opposed to the orignal midi drums
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Bigdaddio, pconey, Chilled, lounge


Lenny Cowler
November 08 2018 16:40:48
Lenny Cowler
pconey Thanks a lot brother Lenny! :) +1
real nice sensitive drum work from you Paul, I can hear a lot of thought has gone into this :) cool template from Cee as well+1
November 08 2018 16:40:32
pconey Thanks a lot for that Shi, very appreciated indeed. Yes, a fine template from BigDaddio for sure! :) +0
excellent drum mix, paul! loving the *smack* of the rimshots and the levelling of the rest of the kit around it. That snare sounds quite low-tuned to me, but that's a matter of taste I guess. Enjoying your solid footwork, too. You've spent some time on them drums, so much is quite obvious :)+1
October 17 2018 13:38:37
pconey Richard - thank you very much for your kind comments but also recognising what's going on. I put a lot of thought into my tracks, all of them, but some require just that little bit more. When you have a full track like this (and with drums already present), there's so much more going on rhythmically, than just say adding to a guitar template with no bass or keyboards to work with. Maybe the snare was a little low tuned (again preference perhaps), but that one just seemed to sit in the mix ok. +1
1A!:Y All Thumbs up!+1
October 11 2018 00:29:44
pconey Thanks so much for that ArtfulAndy! :D +1
Perfect sound and play here again my friend :D+1
October 10 2018 11:30:27
pconey Thanks very much Arno, I appreciate that my friend! :) +1
ps... love that little double dab on the "china" at the end 3:52 ... sweet:)+1
October 10 2018 11:30:02
pconey Thanks again Kimbo, they are 10" splash cymbals :D +0
love what you've done with the place.....!+1
October 10 2018 11:29:11
pconey Thanks Kimbo my friend. :D +0
I really dig your punchy playing, you always bring a living beat !
My reference is the drums part in “Slave to the rhythm” from Grace Jones
October 10 2018 11:26:39
pconey Many thanks Tof. You are very kind. I guess its years of practice! My approach involves picking up little details in the music, accents and rhythmic parts to get that punchyness..but a few other little factors ;)...Yes, I have the album, Trevor Horn produced that. I also like the nightclubbing album! +0
Super stuff Paul. Tried to eq out the bass but unfortunately there's still a bit too much to play over :-(+1
October 09 2018 23:27:09
pconey Thanks a lot Groove :).. ah damn! Let me try.... +2
October 09 2018 23:59:10
Mikebanez I love what you did here and I hope to add. drums are impeccable tone and play💖<3 +1
October 10 2018 05:14:09
kimbo totally want a real bassist here! +1
October 10 2018 11:28:44
pconey @ Dr Groove - lets have it!
@ Mike, thanks brother (same as above!), very kind mate
@ Kimbo - I agree...Im sure it will happen! :D

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