Lost in the Broceliande Forest

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Great traditional sounding acoustic guitar play by Arno ... added some drone style bass to this nice track, thanks!! :W
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traditional acoustic, Celtic, Forest


Perfect sound and rythm my friend ! Thx so much for losing you with me in this forest :Y+2
October 11 2018 15:27:19
Ernie440 We were OK in the forest, we had beer!! :D Thanks my friend, another great acoustic piece from U! :):W +1
October 11 2018 15:28:37
ARNOSOLO Beer and magic mushrooms !! :W +1
October 11 2018 15:29:09
Ernie440 :O:O hehehe I need another cigarette!! +2
a cross between Dear Prudence and a Jethro Tull styled bass maybe?(not Early Tull)+1
October 11 2018 15:18:20
Ernie440 yeah well, could be bro!!! :D Thanks for stoppin' by Jim! +1
Mushroms beer and broccoli what kind of forrest are you running ;) but this is truly great music! :)+1
October 11 2018 22:43:24
Ernie440 Anything can happen in the broccoli forest bro!! Glad you like it Tom, thanks my friend!! :W +1
great bass line:):W,I play this song too, but I did not notice your versions:(+1
October 11 2018 22:42:46
Lenny Cowler
Ernie440 hehe Lenny, these things happen, I think we were working on this at the same time! Thanks bro! :D +1
I Love how you adapt ao all styles and instrumentation!!! Your bass playing heightens a duo to an Orchestration soundscape, so complete and filled with warmth and counterpoint Excitement!!! So Fantastically Good, Ernie!!!!+1
October 11 2018 22:42:22
Ernie440 thanks so much for that praise Dan, very kind of you my friend :D +0
Excellent droning Ernie!!+1
October 11 2018 22:41:45
Ernie440 hehe, thanks buddy, great drum add my friend! ;) +0
really adds that extra celtic touch of mystery Ernie :) really nice+1
October 11 2018 22:41:30
Ernie440 what a nice thing to say, thanks Shi!! :) +0
a perfect bass add Ernie...;););)+1
October 11 2018 22:41:15
Ernie440 thanks buddy ;) +0
How did you make your bass sound like that Ernie? :O It's great!+1
October 12 2018 00:28:27
Ernie440 Thanks a lot Khendon, well ... actually I was playing a bass I don't play all the time for one thing, and I didn't check the knobs before I did the song, the pup selector knob was rolled right back, full on bridge pickup (so a lot less bassy), explains the tone - I guess the rest was my fingers .. :) I usually have a mixture of neck and bridge. Anyhoo :D +0
Don't know if ARNOSOLO was playing a dulcimer, but certainly has that style feel and the bass fits it perfectly.+1
October 12 2018 21:49:54
Ernie440 he was playing something with strings!! Thanks a lot for listening Wade and the kind comment! :) +1

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