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He's back :) Love when You play.+2
October 12 2018 09:47:07
ARNOSOLO Lol !! Thx so much my friend. I know you prefert acoutic tracks ;) +1
Just awesome! And grat play!! Are you recording via microphone? How far is it away from the guitar? I always record via a piezo pu.. but your guitar sounds much more natural!+2
October 12 2018 10:01:36
ARNOSOLO I simultaneously record 2 audio tracks. The first is taken directly on the microphone of my electro-acoustic guitar, it gives more brilliance to the play. The 2nd is recorded with an external microphone (SP B1) that I position 20cm from my guitar, between the 12th and 15th fret. It gives a more natural sound.
I pan track 1 at 50% left (not 100%) and track 2 at 50% right.
With this Yamaha guitar, I put a compression at 50%, a chorus at 18% and a reverb at 20%. A bit of delay on track 2 (14%).
Then, on the general master, I work with Ozone to perfect the mix.B)
beautiful :)+1
October 12 2018 09:46:23
ARNOSOLO Thx a lot my friend :D +1
:O Beautiful playing my friend! :W+1
October 12 2018 09:46:13
ARNOSOLO Thx bro :W +1
Wonderful !!+1
October 12 2018 09:46:03
ARNOSOLO Thx my friend :D +0
hope nobody will post a well known melody on top of this template !+1
October 12 2018 09:45:54
ARNOSOLO I do not think so. Except possibly 3 notes at the beginning of the verse (which inspired me the title), we are far from the awesome track of the 4 Liverpool boys.
For my part I love the version of Fiona Apple. <3
Wonderful guitar playing really enjoyed listening. Thank you. :)<3:)+1
October 12 2018 12:55:01
ARNOSOLO Thx a lot Mrs HeidiMarie :D +0

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