Mountain Fool

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Fabricio L285 jams
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Wikimark1338 jams
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Yeah bro, really good M!! :):W+1
October 13 2018 05:01:18
solozolo Thank u E:Y +1
Fabricio L
Awesome ! :W+1
October 13 2018 05:01:47
Fabricio L
solozolo Thank U so much:Y +1
Fantastic solozolo!!!!!:W:W+1
October 13 2018 05:02:11
solozolo Thanks M :Y +0
Some people think I am a fool
Why others believe I am cool
I’ve tried everything that I could do
Too make all my ends come true
But as I stand here all alone
I looked down upon you all from up above in my mountain =side
Oh yeah standing here on my mountain side
Live up here up so high
Always looking down on you
People call me a fool
Because I live up so high
But I like to be up so high
That I get by…That I get by
Go to the woods everyday looking for pray
When you’re up so high
You got to looked for the pray
And when you find find your way
Everything well come to you because people think I am a fool
Others believe I am cool
When it’s cloudy outside
I still stand here on my mountain side looking down on you
I watch you all
As you live your silly life running round round Like fools
Hustle and busting everyday
Just to get your pay I prefer to live up on my mountain side
I love to live up this high
Every day it seems I go out and looked for my pray
If I don’t I just fade away
On my mountain side
Stand here every day looking down on you
You bunch of silly silly fools
People call me a fool
Others say I am cool
Just because I live up high
On the mountain side
Spend my time looking for pray

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