Too Drunk To See

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:D awesome! fits perfect! could be a track of Tom Waits! love it!+1
haha cool buddy!!! :W:D+1
Now don’t be bothering me
Because I am too drunk can’t you see
That I don’t need to be bothered by you
I sit here all day sometimes through the night
Drink my beer all night long
So don’t bother me because I am too drunk you see
I come in here when it day light outside When I go home it’s the same
I sit here all night tell the dawn breaks you see
So don’t bother me because I am too drunk you see
I am lucky too sit here on this stool
When I stumble my ass home
Takes me twenty minutes or so too find my keys
Another twenty just to open the door
Don’t bother me because I am too drunk to see
Now when I trip over that dog
Oh lord he wakes up that whole damn house
Well it’s not their fault as I am too drunk you see
And every time I try to sneak home that dog get’s me
He goes rarf rarf rarf rarf
It’s too early you see
The wife wakes up and she knows it’s me
So don’t bother me because I am too drunk to see
I sit down here all day to the night till the morning dawn you see
One beer for me,Two for you,three a get you buzz for sure
So don’t bother me I am too drunk,drunk to see
I’m too drunk to see

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