Slide Blues

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The wife told me I didn't have time to log on to the loops today. OOOPs!! Excellent track Tom!!
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Lol about the wife's comment, but a great jam, excellent drums for this!! :D:W+1
October 18 2018 20:14:12
Bothen Thanks Ernie, all these bass players looking, shouldn't be hard to do!!! +1
Nice work Ron:) I think your wife called mine...since I was told just about the same thing this morning...good thing I forgot to log out from yesterday so I can honestly say I didn't log in today:D:D
October 18 2018 20:15:14
Bothen Haha, the technicality loophole.:D Thanks Keith!! +1
lol, When I say I'm gettin' on the loops, my wife says 'See Ya'. I don't know if I should be happy or otherwise :) Like your flams Ron!! :):)+1
October 18 2018 20:16:40
Bothen Oh, drummer talk!!! I knew I should have taken lessons to understand it.:) Thanks Jim!!! +1
Wow Ron. Totally amazing. I didn't think any drummer could play along with my craziness. Thanks a million+1
October 18 2018 20:19:13
Bothen I didn't hear craziness Tom, just a damn good blues track.:D Thanks for posting it!! All I did was play with nothing but the snare first sitting to see if a foundation could be made. Once I saw it I just filled in around it:D +1
October 18 2018 20:19:49
Lenny Cowler
Bothen Thanks Lenny!!! +0
Nicely done sir😊
Had a good laugh at your wife story, I thought my wife was the only wiki widow🙄
October 20 2018 16:34:52
Bothen Haha, You can bet she isn't. Thanks Nick!!! +1
Aha secret looping, great one bro!!:):)+1
October 18 2018 20:20:14
Bothen More than she knows Tom....Thanks!!!! +1
October 18 2018 20:20:53
Major 3rd
Bothen Thanks Craig!!! +0
Cool track and great drums Ron,and a medal for bravery:D:D+1
October 18 2018 20:23:02
Bothen Thanks Pete, hopefully it is not a Purple Heart +1
October 18 2018 20:25:10
petebass :D:D:D +1
This is very hypnotic and a great groove, Love the drums Ron.
Very brave but then again I would say Loop away. Don't tell the wife I said that. lol :)<3:)
October 18 2018 20:27:03
Bothen I have a very understanding wife until I tell her to shut up and make me a sammich!! Then you find me running out of my house screaming....HELP ME!!!! SHE'S GOT A KNIFE!!!:o:|:D Thanks for the compliment Dorothy!!! +1
October 18 2018 21:44:22
deezee Hee heee:D:D +0

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