The Aftermath

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Violin, Cello & Flugelhorn:
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Presenting my original cinematic production "The Aftermath" Instruments I have played are: French Horn Crescendo French Horn Legato Violin Tremolo Alchemy Dark Pad Customised Alchemy Orchestral Synthesiser Logic Dark Pads Orchestral Cello Section Production Info: Production in Logic Pro X EFX plugins by Apple Roland FA-08 All done, recorded and produced by Heidi-Marie Arapa ------------------------------------------------ I always look forward and welcome talented Wikiloops Musicians to join in on my compositions. Kind Regards Heidi-Marie
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Ohhhhh !!! Wow !!! Amazing production my friend :o<3+1
October 24 2018 05:02:33
HeidiMarie <3Awesome feedback Arnosolo thank you. :) +1
Wonderful!!! <3<3+1
October 24 2018 05:02:12
HeidiMarie Thank you Ivax. :)<3 +1
Incredible!!!! Your music reflects your title, looking out over a Landscape that experience very hard times!!!! Almost makes me forget just how Incredible professional is your music production and your playing!!+1
October 24 2018 05:01:52
HeidiMarie Thank you for the wonderful feedback Itocpogo and the lovely compliments with regards to my music & playing. :)<3:) +1
Thanks ;)
This Inspires a Movie
I see a Distant Planet
The Inhabitants Living a Dark Primeval Existance where there sun doesn't shine as bright as Earths. Overpopulated Conditions, A Constant Search for Survival.
Yet Love and Compassion Guides
October 24 2018 04:16:44
HeidiMarie Wow thank you Frank2654 for your wonderful feedback. There may perhaps be a story to this composition would be great if this would attract a Wikiloops Narrator, Lyricist or someone inspired with your brilliant comment. Interesting to see if this composition attracts more creativity from talents around the Globe. :)<3:) +0
October 25 2018 21:55:09
FRANK2654 you Hear and See with your Mind every scene of a movie script has a soundtrack that coincides with the emotion of the action being displayed.
The Dynamics of Spands a Wide Range from soft and quiet to hard ,fast and energetic..a good movie score simply emphasizes how each scene is best expressed creating a atmoshere/tone/setting for the scene...
Your Music ..this one is a fine example of a score for 1 scene in a movie...the ultimate goal would be to create a score for each scene of a movie....from what I hear from have the talent to do that.
If I explained a movie scene to you I think you would be able to create a score to embellish/enhance/project the desired effect and emotion.
Super ! there are monsters in your keyboards :o :)+1
October 20 2018 14:30:51
HeidiMarie Jypeka I think you are right. Monsters everywhere at the moment I might need to frighten them away my Friend. Maybe you could help me out a little. :)<3:) +1
still a superb job<3+1
October 20 2018 13:04:07
HeidiMarie Thank you my dear Franber for your kind feedback I really appreciate it my Friend. :)<3:) +0
Another awesome production Heidi<3:D:D+1
October 20 2018 13:03:42
HeidiMarie Thank you David I have been sitting on this one for the last few days thanks for listening appreciate your kind feedback my Friend. :)<3:) +1
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