Growing old together

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This is awesome my friend, I hear a Dr.John vibe in your vocal too that I like a lot. Such G:)reat lyrics too...thanks for adding your talent!
Love this! <3:W
October 22 2018 17:25:44
solozolo Your so welcome it's a great solid melody and thank you for the sweet melody :W:Y:W +1
October 22 2018 19:47:55
bluvation Thanks :W:) +1
Yeah buddy, nice song!! :W:D+1
October 22 2018 21:19:27
solozolo Thank u E :W +1
If I was to love you love you everyday
Would you hug me back and stay
Would you just get up and walk away
Time is by our side each and everyday
Loving you the best thing
Best thing that I found
Love you each day through the year
Making wishes together far and near
We could find our way
Too anywhere we want to go
Because love brings us closer and closer each day
We could sit back together grow old side by side
Watch the kids grow as they have children of their own
We can sit here together now and grow old old
But if I was to say that I love you would you stay or go
But I know yes I know
Because we have grown old
Now the children come and go
Throughout the year
And the grandchildren love to pull your hair
But isn’t that the way love goes
When you sit together and grow old
When you sit together grow old
Great song add love your lyrics, vocals :W Solozolo:W+0
great song ;o)+0
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