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Sometimes, just let your hands go on the guitar neck and a piece comes alone. This is the case here. I just turned on the microphone and recorded this track in one take.


Superb Folk\Blues my friend ;)+2
October 31 2018 12:43:14
ARNOSOLO Merci mon pote. Encore un superbe jam avec toi. En plus, t'as vu, j'ai repris ton idée de lancer le morceau à la voix. Vais me faire ça dans toutes les langues :D +1
October 31 2018 12:45:06
titi Ouais c'est une bonne idée pour lancer les autres ;) +1
October 31 2018 12:47:31
ARNOSOLO J'avais pris l'habitude de mettre un clic au charlé (en suivant les conseils de Ray RP3), mais à la voix c'est plus fun je trouve :D +0
I would like to tell you MANY times - it's purely delicious.
beautiful elements join to make a very rich listen.
masterful execution with fantastic focus. i love it.<3
October 30 2018 17:31:45
ARNOSOLO Oh !! Anne thank you for your very touching comment. It's fun to listen to the result of a total improvisation. Most of the time I spend a little time researching and creating melodies, but this time it's really a raw recording. <3 +1
very cool song:)+1
October 30 2018 17:32:23
Lenny Cowler
ARNOSOLO Thx a lot bro :D +1
October 30 2018 17:32:15
ARNOSOLO Thx Jim :D +1
Incredible, beautiful job.:D+1
October 30 2018 17:32:05
ARNOSOLO Thx so much bro :D +0
yes love it+1
October 31 2018 09:49:29
ARNOSOLO Thx bro :D +1
You have a gift ...something flows from you when you get in that zone.🌈✌💕+1
October 31 2018 09:49:20
ARNOSOLO <3 Thx so much Tu for your words <3 +0
Real nice playing and template Arno!! GREAT! :)+1
October 31 2018 09:48:57
ARNOSOLO Thx again bro :D +1
Very uplifting Arno :)+1
October 31 2018 09:48:47
ARNOSOLO Thx so much my friend :D +0
I think backing vocals should be in play before the melody to slam this one home! ("doo- wop", etc)+1
October 31 2018 16:35:31
ARNOSOLO hey my friend !Maybe somebody will sing on it ;-) +1
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