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Had some good times on this cool drumtrack of Marc! I still have my Yamaha Moxf so i added a little synthysound of that board also... the rhodessounds are from the Kronos. J.Lorber MarkV EP & EP MarkII with phaser effect to be precise :) Could be cool for building!


Hoho I can hear the bass coming soon
November 05 2018 18:16:46
Marceys And heard it too! While playing i had this kinda line in my head allready! :) your play is great! +1
November 05 2018 21:39:08
YAMRBX Thanks Marc !! Your piano theme inspired my 4 strings bass ;) +1
That sounds great Marceys, nice drums too :Y+1
November 05 2018 18:15:59
Marceys Thanks a lot Felix! +1
Fantastic job as usual! ;)+1
November 05 2018 18:17:31
Marceys A structure to build on, cool to see how they evolve into cool tracks! +1
Love it+1
November 05 2018 18:18:01
Marceys That’s great! Thanks! :) +1
Fab!!! :D:) Another cool template bro!+1
November 05 2018 18:18:45
Marceys Glad you like it Ernie! And your line on it is supercool! Was dancing in my car yesterdayevening! :) +1
November 05 2018 19:05:07
Ernie440 love to have seen that :O B) :W +1
Beautiful creation Marc! I am sitting back with a cup of coffee enjoying :)+1
November 05 2018 18:19:57
Marceys Glad you enjoyed it together with your coffee, always a great moment, the first coffee in the morning! :) Your drums are great man, enjoyed it big time! :) +1
So cool, Wonderful composition, Marc!!!! LOVE your Synth solo!!!!+1
November 05 2018 18:20:54
Marceys Thank you very much! That is great, thought i play a littly synthy over it again, not too much i hope so there is still room left! :) +1
Again you deliver top stuff, great sounds!:)+1
November 05 2018 18:21:38
Marceys Enjoyed the drums again! Tried some structure where others can build on! :) thanks a lot man! +1
Great keys on these drums! :)+1
November 05 2018 18:22:46
Marceys Thanks a lot, and i really dig your bassline on this track! Great timing and choice of notes! :) :) +1
Yellow and red sections...Superb.+1
November 05 2018 18:24:38
Marceys Glad you like it Wade, thanks a lot!
Great thing everytime to find colours that suit others as well and see how they evolve with other musicians! This keeps giving me this powerfull energy even after a few years now! :) :)
November 05 2018 21:42:23
Wade Yes! It's finding some of those "other places' that always intrigues me. It often is a disappointment when I record something and it sounds like so many other tracks I've done. Probably why I've now got a catalog of nearly a hundred tracks (edited and not edited) that won't make it back to the site. Having others post something unusual is an inspiration that can help. +1
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