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Very good one Arno friend!+1
November 08 2018 09:32:24
ARNOSOLO Thx a lot bro :D +1
November 08 2018 09:32:33
ARNOSOLO Thx gary, friend :D +1
Excellent tune 😃+1
November 08 2018 09:32:44
ARNOSOLO Thx so much Mrs Tu :D +0
Fab recording and playin´:)+1
November 08 2018 09:32:54
ARNOSOLO Thx a lot bro B):D +0
So nice!! :D+1
November 08 2018 09:33:02
ARNOSOLO Thx bro :W +1
Bravo !! :)+1
November 08 2018 09:33:11
ARNOSOLO Merci Yam :D +0
November 09 2018 10:12:32
ARNOSOLO Thx bro :W +0
nice acoustic take ! already rockish at this stage :)+1
November 27 2018 10:09:58
ARNOSOLO Thx Oliv :W +0
The quality, recording, performance and acoustic character in the cool stereo dual layout amazed me! I would love a bit more info about that guitars and recording details you did. Excellent Arnosolo! :W :) :Y+1
November 27 2018 13:48:54
ARNOSOLO Thx a lot Carlos for your kind words.
I used an electo acoustic guitar (Yamaha APX 500). On the left i recorded with an external microphone (SP B1) and i put it between 12th and 15th fret. I used Ableton Live 10 suite and added Acoustic compression patch, chorus, "empty club" reverb and "Filtreq" equalizer.
On the right side, i plugged the mic from the guitar, used the same patch (with different level) and guitar rig "Acoustic Shimmer" patch with a noise reduction.
On the Master, i used Izotope Ozone with Dynamics, Equalizer, Exciter, Imager and Maximiser patch B)
November 27 2018 16:45:55
Jazzpick Wow! you exceeded my expectations with such detailed description! APX 500 is a classic instrument from Yamaha! I love it. Studio Projects B1 is a fantastic mic beyond its cost scope! You use smart miking technic, I also used to combine mics with direct out from pickups, and yes, the secret lies in post-processing, mainly right EQ and color. The plugins set, Ozone, is great! Thanks for sharing details ARNOSOLO :) :W :) +1
Such a superb template, Arno!!! I love these unexpected changes between major and minor.+1
December 10 2018 10:34:37
ARNOSOLO Thx again my friend, I wanted to compose something between The Pixies and Nivana :W +0

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