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Funk time !! my remix on rhythm guitar and guitar chords efx over this funkTastic jam with WL stars Alex, Marceys and WhiteDrum55. I include mix and HD separate guitars. It was really fun to play in this jam loop! Tech misc: guitar:Godin xtSA, process: Boss GP-10 (Strat. model mixed with Godin mag.pickups) Overloud TH3 (Marshall 1959 - Celestion Green SM57) Dunlop CryBaby 95Q, DAW: Reaper 5.961 I use differents effects in the song: wah wah, Clean Chorus, funk strat ...
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funk, fusion, slap, guitar


You've found some of our awesome players to join in with and certainly have no trouble keeping up.+2
A perfect add to a perfect song :) :Y+1
November 07 2018 23:26:35
Jazzpick Thanks Wolfang! im glad you liked it. :D +1
Outstanding JP! You really have me looking at Godins now, sir! Excellent tone and texture!+1
November 07 2018 23:25:55
Jazzpick Thanks LW! yes, altough maybe less than before, Godin still a brand a bit underrated, but they have great models for all likes, fantastic guitars really! aside of fill a serious niche in Synth Roland GK compatible guitars. ;) +1
Ok Time for retirement for me :)+1
November 07 2018 23:29:50
Jazzpick Hahahaha Lol no way man! I hate guilty conscience hehehe :o ... :W +0
November 07 2018 23:40:46
LittleWing No! Play harder! Im listening to this track and wondering if we can get three dueling leads on it. Each takes a section. +1
November 08 2018 00:42:37
Tofzegrit I’ve turned around this one this afternoon but not succeed in every parts... but I will not give up :) +1
Super add JP!! :W+1
November 07 2018 23:31:14
Jazzpick Thanks Ernie! I appreciate that :W +1
Acojonante!! ja ja. Buenisima jam, magistral! :) Ya has conocido a Alex Sarikov! ;)+1
November 07 2018 23:41:17
Jazzpick Gracias Mario! de a poco voy integrandome. Gracias amigo ! :W
Si, A Alex lo habia visto pero con este jam pude apreciar directamente lo bueno que es!
November 07 2018 23:42:50
GlezBass ya has visto que nivel tienen algunos loopers!! a disfrutar, nos oimos... +1
Fantastic add and mix <3 You have a magical touch :W+1
November 08 2018 03:49:19
Jazzpick Ohh thanks! well, you put the hat and I pull the rabbit out...we are a magical team!! :D :W +1
November 08 2018 03:49:44
Very nice ingredients :Y :Y :Y+1
November 08 2018 10:09:03
Jazzpick Thanks! glad you liked it! :Y +1
Warmth, precision, tightness.....great treatment Jazzpick! Love what you did with it, your feel is very good and you left a lot af space altough adding a wide ranche of colours! Thanks for your ride! :)+1
November 08 2018 10:07:57
Jazzpick Thanks Marceys! I just try to keep up with your excellent and inspiring work. Also, your connoisseur and focused comments bring loads of encourage to me ...gracias! :W +1
Obviously, this one is fabulous too :o:Y+1
November 08 2018 10:01:29
Jazzpick Thanks Arno! ;) +1
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