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I've been thinking about remixing some of my templates so I start with this one. This is a remix of #114248. There have been many wonderful adds but I was never happy with the sound of the guitar. I've removed the chorus effect entirely and tried to roll off some of the bass and mid. Still not totally happy with it but I'm happier. There was nothing I could do for the player. HD is without drums. Thanks for listening.


Wow ....... :)+1
Oh! I remember this one :)+1
All I hear is a gifted guitar player acing an awesome original composition. The sound and tone of your guitar is equal to the gifted talent you have Frankie! for me it couldn't be much better! <3:)+1
November 10 2018 08:23:16
FrankieJ thank you blu<3 +0
Sounds great Frankie, I remember this one too!! :):D+1
November 10 2018 08:30:55
FrankieJ thanks Ernie:) +1
Love it Frankie<3<3<3+1
November 10 2018 08:31:25
FrankieJ thanks deezee:) +1
Can't get tired listening to this one<3+1
November 10 2018 08:32:03
FrankieJ thanks Mark:) +0
Wonderful track! I remember it very well! :)+1
November 10 2018 08:32:38
FrankieJ thanks Stef:) +0
Such a cool smoothness track! Love it Frankie!+1
November 10 2018 08:36:49
FrankieJ I'm not certain if I will re-hire the drummer. But he did keep perfect time :)
thanks Marc:)
I just love this one and am grateful that you've brought it back for us to hear. Not sure about the drums though.+1
November 09 2018 06:00:36
FrankieJ I dont like anything about the drums on this track other than they help keep me in time :D
thanks Wade:)

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