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GlezBass2594 jams
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GlezBass at his best in mood and mode. A long track. Best part (from me) is from 1:58 to the end. Be ready to nod off.


very pleasant play:)+2
November 08 2018 22:32:19
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks so much Lenny for your listen and comment. +1
Such a treat to my ears. One of your best my friend!;)+2
November 08 2018 22:33:59
Wade So glad you and others like it. I didn't think many would find it appealing. +0
I have not slept! I started the day listening to this jam and on the way to relaxed work, an excellent jam with the saxophone, unsurpassed! :)+2
November 08 2018 22:36:11
Wade So glad you are OK with this add. All due to the magnificent mood you set. +1
November 08 2018 22:37:16
GlezBass ;):) +1
……..pure bliss....+1
November 08 2018 22:37:25
Wade Always an honor when you check out one of the tracks I'm on. Even more so when you comment. Thanks Big Daddy. +0
Yeah...I think this is a bit above your normally stellar performance level :) Said it before...and I'll say it again. While most think this is lovely and it is, only a sax player can appreciate the technical prowess you possess :) Awsome..just awesome+1
November 08 2018 22:40:17
Wade Hey, you did an awesome rendition of this yourself! You get the "long tone" stuff which others wouldn't know about. We both resonate with Mario's excellent bass tracks. +1
November 09 2018 01:35:58
Fishinmissio Nope..ya don't hear it from the "pros"B) +1
via wikiloops radio
A bit different from your usual stuff, I like it a lot!!:W+1
November 08 2018 22:42:36
Wade All due to Mario's excellent track. Just playing the feel of this. Check out Fishinmissio's which is excellent, and while different also plugs well into this mood/mode. +1
November 08 2018 23:15:11
Fishinmissio Yeah..I think I could hear more emotion from you on this one. Shhhhhh<3 +1
November 08 2018 22:43:13
Wade Cheers StJray! So glad you like. +0
A magical fluid comes from your sax and you really know how to shape the sound! Mystical atmosphere!+1
November 08 2018 22:45:27
Wade As always you say the nicest things. You're ears are right on. The exercise was to shape the sound as subtly as possible and use lots of "long tones". +0
not enough thumbs!+1
November 09 2018 21:36:10
Wade What you say? I'm all thumbs! +0

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