Ghost Ship

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Atonality, serialism, musique concrète, clusters...
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Midoru, Classical, Avant-Garde


Cool strange track Midoru:)+1
November 09 2018 16:25:30
Midoru Thanks, Pete :) +1
November 09 2018 22:38:34
Midoru Thanks, Pexe! +1
Cool stuff Midoru. A lot of things happening there, somehow reminds me of Pierre Boulez' "Livre pour cordes" although yours is, of course, ghostlier. I have a request, too. someday could you do something with clusters in the style of Ligeti (Atmosphères etc.), I love that kind of stuff....thank you.+1
November 09 2018 22:50:29
Midoru Thank you so much for this awesome comment, bluesdog. Pierre Boulez was definitely influential in my formative years. OK, Ligeti - we shall see :) +1
This reminds me of the Ryme of the ancient Mariner, It's about an Albatross That The Ancient Mariner killed on Board his ship. It was supposed to bring good luck. But He killed it and the ship turns into ghost ship.And wonders about in a fog very spooky. I really like this, Midoru <3
. It's a very long poem though, I think u would like it if you have not read it already,
November 09 2018 22:37:02
Midoru "Water, water, every where, | Nor any drop to drink" Great reference, deezee. Yes, I have read it, and now look forward to doing so again. Thank you! +1
what a super atmosphere and tension you create here Midoru, I visualize a modern ballet piece ... :) underwater maybe+1
November 09 2018 22:32:51
Midoru Thank you so much, Shi. Would love to see that choreography - sounds very interesting! +1
Great experimentation!:D+1
November 09 2018 22:29:52
Midoru Thank you, ArkRock - most appreciated! +0
<3 fantastic Mido+1
November 10 2018 17:11:54
Midoru Thank you, ivax :) +1
From the first note..... cry out the Wondrous Creativity that will follow and it does!!! Love the keys improv at 3:10 that build with all you promised in your description!!!! Excellent, Midoru!!!!!+1
November 11 2018 04:45:10
Midoru Thank you so much for the listen and kind comment, Itocpogo - very much appreciate your ear for detail !!! +1
a fantastic composition Midoru...;););)+1
November 11 2018 18:23:37
Midoru Thank you so much, slin - most appreciated!! +1
Since you have again created beautiful music. For me a fantastic spatial listening experience. I'm excited about how you use and combine the instruments.+1
November 14 2018 18:49:33
Midoru Thank you very much, abuitremorem - so pleased by your kind visit and comments. +0
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