Sundae Funk

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Stef990 jams
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+ 28
Fantastic funky track by LittleWing! Superb sounds and quality! I added the Electric Piano. Thank you so much LW and thanks for listening.


WOW!!!! Your playing gets better and cooler all the time, Stef!!! I am in Awe of your intricate lines of melodic beauty enhanced by your Fantastic technique!!! I hear improv lines that sound new and as you push your creativity!!!! This is Incredible my friend!!!+2
November 14 2018 17:56:11
Stef Dear Dan, Thank you so much for your beautiful words! So kind! :) +1
OMG this is so awesome add Stef...;););)+2
November 14 2018 17:58:33
Stef Thank you so much Nils! :) +1
This is mighty impressive! Not sure how you feel when someone says this is your BEST, we often think of others that we thought better. The musicality of your lines that flow and are exciting at the same time. Then there are other points where there is restrain and tension with beautifully held notes. So musical.+2
November 14 2018 18:09:28
Stef Honestly, sometimes I'm surprised too. I think other slower and more melodic tracks are actually much more challenging to play. The speed of execution is important but it is not all if it is not completed with the harmonic and melodic part. Knowing your musical concept I believe you will agree on this. Thank you so much Wade for your comments always so precise and sharp! +1
WOW, You are on fire again, Stef!!!!!!! MAGNIFICENT playing!!! You create a cool bouncy soundscape that swings with a funk/jazz edge!!! Love this syncopated improv lines and those note flurries during the heavy bass parts!!!!! Your musicality shines through!!!!!!!!+2
December 01 2018 16:07:21
Stef Thank you so much for your always good listening Dan! :) +0
great playing+1
November 14 2018 17:55:31
Stef Thank you so much Gary! :) +1
Freakin' Killer !!!!!!!!!+1
November 14 2018 17:56:53
Stef Thank you so much Tom! Your amazing add is killer! :) +0
:D:D Awesome Stef,:W:W+1
November 14 2018 17:58:23
Stef Thank you so much dear Xavi! :) +1
Crazy good Stef:o:D+1
November 14 2018 17:58:43
Stef Thank you so much Ron! :) +1
Yeah! :Y :D+1
November 14 2018 17:58:53
Stef Thank you so much Adu! :) +1
Incredible timing, phrasing and drive! :)
Altogether of course.
November 14 2018 17:59:10
Stef Thank you so much Neronick! :) +0
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