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[Alnilam|Anno 5.700.000 |Julian 2458434.5] To all Travelers: In order to best align our central nervous system with this colony one must exist in a state of complete stasis during the journey subject to Binaural Frequency: 7.83 Hz (aka. Schumann resonance). [Please note: The Dreams may occur, so Base: *** Hz - to promote the turning of sorrow/grief into joy and to liberate the listener from fear and guilt]. Αθηνη
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Midoru, Otherworlds


Bravo, I do not know what you use as material to produce sounds "pure" like that ... it's great :o+2
November 13 2018 17:16:13
Midoru Thank you, Jypeka - in this case just a Roland Synth with tone generator to create the binaural. +1
I like going on that trip. It is interesting and exciting+2
November 13 2018 20:41:29
Midoru Thank you, Eric - Welcome on board :) +0
So very relaxing Midoru ... love it !! :)+2
November 14 2018 19:00:18
Midoru Thank you so much, my friend !! +1
Awesome track,would make a great movie soundtrack:)+1
November 13 2018 16:18:00
Midoru Thank you, Pete - much appreciated :) +1
I Love how you build the "sound" and add new cool "sounds" to the main "sound" and climaxes at 2:33 with a vocal harmony to the end!!!! Very creative, Midoru!!+1
November 13 2018 18:22:05
Midoru Thank you, Itoc. Someone on Ghost Ship had requested something in the manner of Ligeti. After creating this heard his Requiem (1965) and thought to listen to the two together. Think they mash well each other: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wawSCvuGj4o +0
very spooky, i like it ! :o :D+1
November 13 2018 16:21:53
Midoru Thanks, adu - appreciate the listen :) +0
:D Awesome Mido :)+1
November 13 2018 16:22:44
Midoru Thank you, ivax !!! +1
Epic man! Good piece!:)+1
November 13 2018 16:24:41
Midoru Many thanks ArkRock - very much appreciated ! +0
very very well done Midoru...;););)+1
November 13 2018 16:25:33
Midoru Thank you, slin !!:) +1
Αθηναίος ? Awesome!+1
November 13 2018 07:23:01
Midoru Pallas Athena - Homeric Hymn: http://www.projethomere.com/ressources/videotheque/videos-cours/hymne9.htm +1

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