Closer To The Shore

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I absolutely love this song from Don:) I'm a big fan of bluegrass and when mixed with some positive uplifting gospel for Jesus who can go wrong? I finally got my drums set back up in my studio for the long winter and this was the right track to dust off my country chops. For the bass line I tried my best to really mute the strings and run it really flat to get a cool stand up bass ...
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Bluegrass, Country, Gospel


Great work Ron-you're a regular one man band buddy<3<3
November 14 2018 03:59:26
mortheol Thanks Keith...really as the saying goes "I am a Jack of all trades and master of none". I love to play (or try to) a little of every instrument and dabble in different music genres. I like so much music, of so many different styles I feel I have to try everything. I sometimes wonder if I focused on one instrument and one style of music I might actually get good...but now I am getting to old for that:( +1
November 14 2018 04:04:56
kmoon235 I think you do very well with all of them Ron. I only do what I enjoy at my age and sounds like you enjoy what you do so I say why change anything? Keep chooglin' bro:W
November 14 2018 04:11:12
mortheol Chooglin' on my friend:W:Y +1
wooohoooo... great job, Ron.. Keep playing like this and I will have upload more gospel tracks :)+1
November 14 2018 04:05:07
mortheol Don put them up Buddy!!! I love this type of music. It is much harder than it appears to stay in time with that banjo whamming away.
The positivity of this music and your lyrics really lifted my stale mood of late...Thank you!
November 14 2018 20:09:51
Major 3rd
mortheol Thanks Craig, when I first learned to play music it was in country and bluegrass styles.
I love it...lots of fun to play and it takes me back:D
<3:) sounds great :)+1
November 14 2018 20:10:50
mortheol Hi Rene...good to see you;)
I am happy you enjoyed this fun song!
Really great Ron! It's a super song and it makes big fun tu listen! Very good.+1
November 14 2018 20:12:53
mortheol Thanks Frank....this style of music is so much fun to play:W
Don is a master at this music...really pro:D
Fantastic add and support Ron! :)+1
November 14 2018 20:14:06
mortheol Stef...thank you:)
And a big thanks for your super add to this track:D I love it<3
great add!:W:D+1
November 14 2018 20:15:12
mortheol Hi JJ...thank you for listening:)
This was a super fun track from Don:D
a awesome work here Ron...;););)+1
:Y:Y Fantastic Ron :D:D+1

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