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My guitar remix jam on this fantastic track, performed by 3 amazing musicians! The energy that springs from this jam is pure inspiration, being very notorious the live feeling as jamming with the whole band playing together on a stage, thanks Marceys, Alex Sarikov and AlexNyman! my contribution is on rhythmic guitar (Fender Stratocaster), melody doubling and solos (Godin xtSA) . Efx Process: Boss GP-10 and Overloud TH3. Amp: Roland Cube 80XL miked with Audio Technica 2035 and Behringer B2 ...
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fusion, jazz, jazzguitar, sax, funk, bebop


My speakers are on fire! [img][/img]+3
November 18 2018 13:06:34
Jazzpick Ohh I'm sorry for your speakers LW! I think next time I should include a EFX "fire extinguisher" stomp-box in my guitar pedalboard chain! :D :D :W :Y

I’m almost lost for words Carlos. It’s absolutely fabulous. Your total respect for the other players is evident throughout and the way you integrate your playing into the whole is simply amazing. Thank you a thousand times and more for your sheer artistry. Incredible.+2
November 18 2018 13:11:00
Jazzpick Thanks, Alex!! your words are specially worth to me, I agree with you in the respect of musical territories, moreover it was also a big commitment for me to do my best with your fantastic performance!! :W :Y +2
Carlos!! My day just got boosted to higher grounds! Amazing play with so much finesse! You dive into the little spaces and use it as if they are huge! Amazing timing!

The doubling with the sax of Alex is supercool, gives so much power!

Thanks a lot Alex, Alex and Carlos for this supercool track you guys made of it! :) :) :)
November 18 2018 12:57:57
Jazzpick Thanks for compliments Marceys! you are the father of the creature :) thanks for inspiration! :W +1
It turned out really cool guys! All solos in their place)) Now, for completeness, you can make a minus for the drums in it.+2
November 18 2018 12:57:06
Alex Sarikov
Jazzpick Thanks, Alex! fantastic bass and drums! :) +0
November 19 2018 00:12:27
Alex Sarikov
CameAndWent4-20 The drums are fantastic Alex. It’s a wrap😎 +1
Wow Carlos - fantastic is all I can say :) :W :Y+1
November 18 2018 00:25:19
Jazzpick Gracias Wolfgang! My pleasure sharing my musical sand grain with you and everyone! <3 :W +1
go Carlos! :o Awesome add. Beautiful production. Congratulations to all :W+1
November 18 2018 00:29:35
Jazzpick Thanks WhiteD55!! Your opinion can not miss and is highly appreciated ! :W :Y +1
:D:D Increible Carlos,simplemente Magnifico <3+1
November 18 2018 00:38:19
Jazzpick Mil gracias Ivax! es reconfortante intercambiar opiniones en nuestro propio idioma! :W :Y +1
Close your eyes and imagine that all the musicians are miles away is almost impossible. Waooo! What an extraordinary dynamic. Simply great. Carlos full of magic everything you touch. Congratulations to all <3+1
November 18 2018 01:12:12
Jazzpick Thanks, AnaY! your sweet words bring tons of encouragement! only a sensitive and musical soul can be able of feel the energy from anywhere it be in the universe! <3 :W +0
fantastic :)+1
November 18 2018 13:00:59
Jazzpick Gracias! :W +0
Impressive! Formidable guitar lines Carlos! Absolutely a pro job! :)+1
November 18 2018 13:00:47
Jazzpick Thanks for compliments, Stef! Gracias! :W +0
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