Call My Name Feat. KellsBells

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First and only song recorded in each other's presence. Haven't attached lyrics because I wrote them on Kelly's laptop and I can't remember nor can I be assed typing them again haha hope you guys enjoy the best duet we've done. This is why I flew 4000 miles!


Josh and I had a blast on his visit. I hope he visits every year! Next time we will do more songs! It sure was awesome to be able to hand each other the microphone as opposed to continuously trading files back and forth. It is thanks to Wikiloops we even met and became friends! Thank Glez for the awesome music. Josh and I were driving in the car scrolling through Wikiloops and he listened to this for just a few seconds, hummed a melody, turned to me and said "I think this is the one!" ☺️ whoop whoop!+3
November 18 2018 01:52:34
JoshDexter <3 +0
cool song!! :W:D+1
So... Live Duet : DONE
Goosebumps indicator: To the Max
great duet...gefällt mir;);):W+1
This is an absolute masterpiece, Josh !! You are such an unbelievably talented songwriter and this outstanding duet with the wonderful Kelly should go down in the Wikiloops archives as one of its most legendary collaborations. Well worth the journey! Wishing you all the best. Sincerely, -M+0
So nice - love it! <3+0
Absolutely wonderful song and duet jam!! with their voices have raised this my humble template to the category of great song! I had the opportunity to meet Wade in person and play with him here in Spain and I know what they mean by the magic of being able to play live thanks to WL. The duet is really great!
Even more exceptional is to choose a jam that is composed through harmonics of electric bass that is the basis of the jam ... then came the percussion, then the keyboards and finally their wonderful voices, Thanks for sharing your music! <3;)
Was this before or after the Mtn. Dew? Great job all of you.+0
November 18 2018 21:19:23
KellsBells DURING!!!! :P +1
November 18 2018 22:17:41
Fishinmissio I hope you two sanbagged and put a couple in the bank :) +0
a fantastic duet by you both...;)<3;)+0
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