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Thanks to Bad for the great template. I continued pursuing the experimental line. 2 guitar tracks, one with low pass filter. In the stereo field, I used the Wikelmodus (surround). I'm not sure if that is better than the normal mode. The mix is not neutral, because at the moment I'm missing the optimizing plugin.


Sounds good+1
November 19 2018 17:08:17
abuitremorem Thank you, King. I've had Sonarworks plugin for a while, which promises neutral listening. That had changed my mixing behavior. Now I'm still waiting for an action to get me :) +1
cooles Stück, sehr gut gemacht !!!!+1
November 19 2018 16:58:17
abuitremorem Danke Andrea:) +0
Cool spezial Sound René ;);)+1
November 19 2018 16:57:55
abuitremorem Thank you Charli :):) +0
Another super cool Rene creation... great job my friend :):W+1
November 19 2018 16:49:33
abuitremorem Thank you Don:):D +1
Nice music. :)+1
November 19 2018 16:49:03
abuitremorem Thank you :) +1
Great René, iT reminds me of Frank Zappa!+1
November 19 2018 16:48:45
abuitremorem Thanks Eric. You have a good ear. I do not know Zappa very well, but I used a guitar profile "Zappa" here - and you recognized that :) +0
WOW!!! I missed your creativity, Rene!!!!This is so Incredible!!!!!+1
November 19 2018 22:10:27
abuitremorem Thanks Dan. The break was good for me. I was able to detach something of the familiar. On-site criticism showed me what I need to pay more attention to. In the meantime I know that jazz guitarists only use 4 strings and avoid making unrecorded strings. I do the opposite :) But I'm fascinated by the jazz guitar system :) +1
:) very creative piece brother+1
November 19 2018 22:05:28
abuitremorem Thank you Gary :) +1
Du hast es nicht verlernt👌 Ein Feuerwerk an Kreativität😎+1
November 19 2018 22:05:12
abuitremorem Danke Peter. In den Fingern läuft es noch nicht so rund. Hier habe ich vor allem einen räumlichen Mix versucht. Der ist aber überladen auf Kosten der Klarheit. Habe jetzt mit Midorus Deja vu einen Referenztrack. +1
I like this how the guitar seems contained within, but expansive - in the headphones I imagine it existing within a SnowGlobe world.+1
November 19 2018 22:00:52
abuitremorem Many Thanks. After using the Sonarworks trial plug-in for the headphone MIx, I'm not so sure anymore. The mix is not ideal because I can not use monitors here. You're right, the sound is too dense. Today I realized that I finally found a reference track in your Deja vu. +1
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