LoRez:天涯 Skyline

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LoBias22 jams
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Itocpogo660 jams
step III
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Midoru143 jams
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[Lo/Rez Official Diary: First date - “She shimmered, and one could detect just immediately below the threshold of consciousness an endless flow of data....deep awareness, emotion." -Rez] –- Rei Toei – In the Apocalyptic world of the late 21st century, aging mega-rock star Rez of the musical group Lo/Rez wants to marry a synthetic personality named Rei Toei, the Japanese Idol, which is apparently impossible.. Rei is a holographic construct from the wireless broadband internet of Japan, and the world. ...
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Midoru, ericblom, LoBias, Itocpogo


A wonderful ad with an equally wondrous text elevate this track to a new dimension. I love such music stories, they leave a lot of imagination. For a long time I always thought that such a work would have to be combined with a video. José (Josepssv and Akchen) and Andrea are working on a music picture book. Fantastic what they do Maybe José will send you a link :)+2
November 20 2018 05:00:59
AKchen Midoru´s work is so deep, diving into many dimensions, very intelligent, experimental, new ... I admire Midoru :) +4
November 22 2018 04:27:20
Midoru <3 +1
Wow. I'm out of words, just listening... :)+1
Very beautiful Midoru, this is so perfectly floating. At this moment I listen; it does not feel good to technically analyze what happens. I do not want to know; I'm going to enjoy it. Thank you to all who play along and you, Midoru in particular for this creation+1
November 22 2018 04:30:25
Midoru Thank you so much, Eric, for all the wonderful music and inspiration you provide. -M +0
would have to agree :) and what a concept :)+1
sounds wonderful your add Midoru...;););)+1
Just Floating around C# with no apparent end in sight , I like that. Great add Midoru, kudos to everybody involved here. Wonder what'll happen next.+1
stunning result <3+1
I am in the atmosphere!!!+1
We work for a album-book
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