When Dreams Fade Away

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A track in style Nu Jazz with lots of space and possibility for great adds to games from 0:50 to end after the short Rhodes solo.... Drums, Electric Piano and a light background of Hammond. The song ends slowly in fading ... a bit like dreams... Welcome your adds.....guitars, bass, sax, vocals....etc Thank you so much WL!
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Nu Jazz


Love that Stefano, wounderful style and music. Sounds excellent!! Great electro Jazz <3 :)+3
November 25 2018 18:34:21
Stef Thank you so much my dear friend! :) +1
This is a little different for you. I like this. Nice changes.+2
November 25 2018 18:33:11
Stef It's true! Thank you so much LW! :) +0
Terrific feeling in this composition and playing-as always-Stef<3<3
November 25 2018 18:33:30
Stef Thank you so much dear Keith! :) +0
Beautiful! :)+2
November 25 2018 18:33:52
Stef Thank you so much GrooveEnth! :) +0
sounds good to me Stef :)+2
November 25 2018 18:34:33
Stef Thank you so much Shi! :) +1
You are at the top of your game Stef! 👍💕🎹💕+2
November 25 2018 18:34:58
Stef So kind! Thank you so much Tu! :) :) +0
Chocolate. I love chocolate ;)<3+2
November 25 2018 18:36:17
Stef Ahaha! Thanks Frankie! :) :) +1
Fantastic Stef+2
November 25 2018 18:37:00
Stef Thank you so much Tom! :) +1
<3 If my dreams should ever fade away I just have to take a listen to one of your tracks Stef. Awesome playing and composition. :W+1
November 24 2018 17:10:32
Stef As long as the music is with you, dreams will never fade...:) Thank you so much Peter! :) +2
November 24 2018 17:32:32
Peterpingo You are SO right my dear friend. That has been the most true fact in my life ever since I played my first chord on a guitar. :W Music is a "dream-catcher". +2
<3 Wonderful Stef :D another great melodia ,mi amigo+1
November 25 2018 18:36:41
Stef Muchas gracias Xavi! :) +1
November 25 2018 18:40:16
ivax :D<3 Stef,amigo,this piece is addictive,I love it :) +0

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