In My House "Crazy Mix"

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thank you Paul I had lots of fun. I was born and bred hard rock/Heavy metal. I really don't know much diff between dance,house trance and others like it. So i think I threw them all together not sure , anyway I hope I ruined it like you wanted me too:)
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Whatever pconey says it is.


Very cool, Mike.. I don't know the differences either.. I just play what feels right :)+1
November 25 2018 21:41:47
Mikebanez thank you Don. thats exactly like I always do:o. appreciate the listen:) +1
I knew it would be cool :)+1
November 25 2018 21:42:34
Mikebanez thank you Shi:) glad you like it:) +1
Fun track Mike:Y:)+1
November 25 2018 22:00:41
Mikebanez thanks Jef . yes fun time with this:Y:D +0
a great and fun add Mike well done worrk...;););)+1
November 26 2018 11:46:27
Mikebanez thank very much Nils, glad you like it:) +1
LOL. Good one Mike :)+1
November 26 2018 11:44:06
Mikebanez thank you Mark:) +1
Well I'm as green as a pea when it comes to recognizing modern music genres so I just put them under two heading, Like and Dislike. I like this a lot Mike! :W:W:W
Awesome mix buddy:W:)
November 27 2018 17:32:48
Mikebanez Thank you Gerry. Paul always writes fun and challenging music that I enjoy adding to:D +0
Yes born n bred rock n metal...i was born n bred rock pop n jazz...but even so...its fun to explore new avenues! Youve ruined it perfectly! Nice gaelic violins and alsorts of madness here! Fantastic Mike!!!+0
November 27 2018 17:34:44
Mikebanez thank you brother. very happy you like it. We need more from you.:D I miss it. +0
Paul said it, Youve ruined it perfectly!
Fabulous Mike:)
November 29 2018 15:32:52
Mikebanez Ha ha thank you Frankie:) +1
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