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Hi friends, Ron and I worked out for you :) the next CP Song. Again an political and angry song. I think it affects everyone in every society.I asked myself this question many times and found only this one answer. Maybe wrong, maybe right. But fact is and we only need to rummage a little bit in the history of mankind, that most of our so-called leaders only pursue their own goals, but understand it damn well to make it seem ...
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unable to learn. Too bad - das kommt in Euerer Musik eindeutig rüber!!! Düsterer fantastischer Sound trifft den Kern der Sache und zeigt die Auswegslosigkeit. Toll gemacht! Kompliment!!!:)+1
November 26 2018 19:48:20
ColdPlasma Dankeschön René. Aber vielleicht überwiegt mit dem Älterwerden nur der Pessimismus :| +0
November 26 2018 20:39:26
abuitremorem Aufpasssen - das kann in Verbitterung enden - ich sage mir, jetzt bin ich zu alt, um die Welt zu ändern. Was ich früher nicht geschafft habe, soll mir jetzt noch gelingen? +1
Super track!!+1
November 28 2018 17:30:15
ColdPlasma Thank you very much Demian. :) +1
Men never learn from their mistakes and the history unfortunately proves it ..... more and more inequality, always more intolerance, more and more selfishness ... and already we are one step away from a new chasm. Let's cry at least with the music! A great and realistic track Franky and Ron!+1
November 28 2018 18:02:25
ColdPlasma Thank you very much Stefano. In my whole live I have never seen that the mankind has learnd from the past. And nothing is better as in the past. No, it's more worse as anytime before. The last 60 years of peace in Central Europe was a chance to do something great, but it's wasted, by the selfishness of our politicians and self-appointed leaders. Sad but true. The mutton run after the one who screams loudest. In this respect, it is also a mistake of all those who really wanted to do something good, they did not scream loud enough. +1
Excellent track guys,great sound and production:W+1
November 28 2018 17:33:53
ColdPlasma Thank you very much Pete. :) +1
Mind Control, soon!!!! as in China(Blacklisting policy), NOW will be enforced, because, well, men will worship...the Beast and his image.+1
November 28 2018 17:43:50
ColdPlasma Yeah, I know this in China and I can't believe it. It's a horrible vision we would live in that society :o that's the most totally system I ever have seen. Absolutely no privacy more. No chance to run out. Is this our all future? Damn. Hopefully I die before that. +1
November 28 2018 19:04:23
Leftdaloops1019 2020 for the whole of China--wonder how long it takes everywhere else? +1
Another cool track from you both:D:D+1
November 28 2018 17:44:49
ColdPlasma Thank you so much David. :W
The next adventure is coming soon :D
cool Franky & Ron !!!!! :W+1
November 28 2018 17:47:53
ColdPlasma Vielen Dank Andrea. :) Wir freuen uns sehr über Dein Lob. Hoffentlich wird Dir der nächste Track auch gefallen. Kommt bald ;) +1
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