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When I heard WD's Magnificent solo drumming before any adds, it brought a smile to face reliving those modern jazz moments of listening to the "Jazz Greats" and also many of us mortals trying to learn by jamming using all sorts of approaches. Then I heard KMstar's very cool bass add and to me it screamed of those jam sessions trying to extend the chords with improv substitutions. These guys lay down such a cool collaboration!!! I added 0:41-3:30.
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Be-bop, Hard-bop, Modern Jazz, sax


I'm always amazed at your daring melody bows. At first I think, it doesn't fit and finally fits. For me a great lesson my friend!!!+1
November 27 2018 17:34:35
Itocpogo Thank You so very much Peter!!!! i appreciate it my friend!!!! +1
I always been fascinated what you able to do. You have a fantastic sense to make better what is already great. :W :)+1
November 27 2018 17:35:31
Itocpogo Thank You so very much Franky!!! I appreciate your very kind words!! +1
amazing beautiful!!!! how easy it seems to you to fill with fantastic sax lines... wowoooo at 03:18 that fast runs are... WOWOOOO... WOWOOOO... great work Dan!! :W:D+1
November 27 2018 17:36:27
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Joao!!!! I appreciate it very much my friend!!! +0
A fantastic track Dan. I was wondering if you would play something and what you would probably want to do with Ken's "buoyant" bass. With your great knowledge and ability, this contrast-setting and pensive ad was easy for you. I am impressed and learned something :)+1
November 27 2018 17:37:52
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Rene!!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment my friend!!!! +0
Fantastic Free jazz! Wonderful sax phrasing Dan! Great school! :)+1
November 27 2018 17:39:56
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Stef!!!! I so much appreciate it my friend!!!! +1
Wonderful sax! You must be euphoric after playing like that!+1
November 27 2018 17:48:41
Itocpogo Thank You so very much!!! I appreciate your very kind words!!! When I used to play gigs we all in that group strived for and lived for those very few euphoric moments when all were clicking together and yes, even when I felt I played something outside my body!!! I was shocked when I met Sonny Rollins and he told me the same thing... IMAGINE... Sonny Rollins to me played MAGIC with every note!! But now as I am retired all my playing is on-line and yes, there are those very few moments I feel it.. and so many fewer moments in my analysis!! I would think you all feel the same and play to reach that feeling. +0
wow wonderful sax add Itoc:W:)<3+1
November 27 2018 17:49:12
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Dorothy!!! I so much appreciate it!!!! +0
Ooooh so cool it <3 :W+1
November 27 2018 17:51:23
Itocpogo Thank You so much, WD!!!!! Man, I so look forward to your drum tracks because you lay down such cool patterns that inspire!! +1
You swing man....super sax groove! <3 just note perfect and feeling!+1
November 28 2018 16:57:48
Itocpogo Thank You so much!!! I appreciate it very much!!! +0
a fantstic sax here Dan...;););)+1
November 28 2018 16:58:19
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Nils!!!! i appreciate your very kind words!!! +1

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