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acoustic Guitar:
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guitar 2.01-4.28 I painted something with my favorite color. I hope it suits your idea :)


Du lässt Dich voll auf Erics Spiel ein und interagierst großartig mit ihm ! Auf jeden Fall ist es spannend euch zu folgen. Nicht gerade zum Kaffee bei Mutti geeignet, aber dafür gibt's ja die Charts LOL :D
Super gemacht René, gefällt bei mehrmaligem hören immer besser :W
November 26 2018 18:15:27
abuitremorem Danke Franky - freut mich, und besonders, dass Du wieder etwas hier sein kannst :):):) +1
November 26 2018 18:17:57
frankyguitar Nu, es ist wie es ist... up and down... :) +1
THIS IS IT!!! You know me better than myself!! I like this very much René! My first association was when Miles first heard Jimmy Hendriks. He changed his trumpet sound into a wild guitar.
Thanks so much my deat friend!!!
November 26 2018 18:24:44
abuitremorem The chemistry between us is just right. Your tracks make it easy for me to play my favorite tunes. I'm glad that you like Eric :):D +2
November 26 2018 19:16:48
King1971 I wholeheartedly agree! +1
November 26 2018 19:44:32
abuitremorem 120/5000
Thank you, King. It's funny, but obviously I can play on the same wavelength with Eric.
Beeindruckend, die Art, wie Du hier einsteigst! Hat was faszinierendes und die Vorlage von Eric ist auch nicht ohne!+1
November 26 2018 18:11:55
abuitremorem Danke Peter - ich bewege mich hier wohl am Rande des Gitarren- Universums :) +1
You always explore new musical territories with great creativity! So cool René! :)+1
November 26 2018 18:45:24
abuitremorem Thank you Stef :) +1
Sound Great your track!
you have entered Eric's game of taking a part. Maybe I cheered.
Musical territories from Stef ;)
November 26 2018 20:37:50
abuitremorem Thank you José :):):) +0
Enjoyed your add René! :)+1
November 26 2018 22:28:42
abuitremorem Thank you Telemetry - I appreciate your comment :) +1
I like the way you paint my friend, great job, Rene :)<3<3+1
November 26 2018 23:53:56
abuitremorem Thank you Don :):)<3 +1
Exciting music René! Good entry! played excellently!;)+1
November 27 2018 10:06:03
abuitremorem Thank you Charli :) +1
that is really a cool track by both Rene well done...;););)+1
November 27 2018 21:15:00
abuitremorem Thank you Nils :):):) +1
Wow so different so cool...great contribution 👍💕🌹👍🌈+1
November 27 2018 21:36:54
abuitremorem Your comment makes me happy :) +1

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