I missed you (Loopies)

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Hi guys, I missed you a lot .. I've been a bit under pressure and there was no brain no heart no sould to play music.. but today! Could come back to you .. and I'm pretty happy.. Thank you so much, guys, for this wonderful hour with your music .. I hope you like my add too.. thank you for listening!!


great guitar.:D Here at WIkiloops we leave the worries behind. Glad you are good:)+1
December 01 2018 07:01:36
Offfocus Yeah, Mike!! Thanks so much!!! +1
If I had not already told you, I would have to do it at the latest now: You play the guitar excellently and you are a master of the "good" sound. Compliment Patrik:)+0
December 01 2018 18:56:31
Offfocus Wow René thank you so much much for this super nie compliment!! I've been growing 5cm when I read it!! :D:D +1
Sound really nice and with the right volume and mix! Great push to the atmosphere of the song! I wish you all right and a welcome back to the music! :)+0
December 01 2018 19:00:06
Offfocus Hi Stef, thank you, man! I had a lot of fun playing along your sweet music .. in the latter phase when you got faster, I played also faster and a with bit more pressure although I was afraid to mask your play... the reason is: I cannot play too fast and get very unprecise then ... so I had to hide a bit behind you :| Hopefully you forgive me!! +1
December 01 2018 19:09:57
Stef There is nothing to forgive! We are here to have fun and always learn something new. I really liked your add for performance, taste and mix! Thank you so much Offfocus! :) +0
December 01 2018 19:32:43
Offfocus :D:D<3 +1
love it like usual :) :)+0
December 01 2018 23:32:40
Offfocus Thanks Ono!! Now playing on yours!! Big fun!! +1
December 01 2018 23:34:06
onorium thank you very much Of :) +0
Beautiful add Patrik !! Very soulful playing, klingt wirklich super. Sehr gefühlvoll <3 :)+0
December 01 2018 23:32:51
Offfocus Danke dir Franky!! +1
<3 Beautiful mi amigo Patrik :W+0
December 02 2018 15:12:11
Offfocus Thank you so much, Xavi!!! +0
December 02 2018 18:51:54
ivax <3 +0
a great guitar add Patrik...;););)+0
December 02 2018 19:51:07
Offfocus Ah Nils, I was so happy to have some time to join you guys again!! This might be what you hear!! I'm happy!! +1
Wonderful guitar add Patrik.:W Enhances this lovey track beautifully.<3+0
April 24 2019 22:50:19
Offfocus Hi Deezee, thank you very much!! I like this song very much!! +1
April 24 2019 22:57:07
deezee <3 +0
Just relax and peace of mind, love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️+0
August 28 2019 00:23:38
Offfocus Thank you Shine!! +0
Wow ! Thank you with delay Offo :)+0

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