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Got caught into joining in on this with my tenor sax. Absolutley beautiful track Frankie, no matter what speed. Great bass ad Pete too. Hope you don't mind me joinin. :)


Really like the way you have reacted to this as a composition. Has a feel like you're telling/singing a story.

Minor technical point: your recording has the highs way boosted and is missing all the mid and much of the low frequencies. This makes it sound quite harsh. This is a fine track from you and deserves remixing. If you have your original track try balancing it back to a fuller/normal spectrum.
December 02 2018 13:48:54
Fishinmissio LOL...Yeah . Busted. I still have it..but will give it a rest since I played on the last one as well. I been playing with EQ a bit to punch through some frequencies. My bad :| +1
Wonderful Mark<3 Very happy to hear you again here.+1
Beautiful, puts you in a trance. Got try to put some subtle drums in it...+0
Beautiful track by all-your add and sound fit perfectly Mark<3<3<3
great sound and as always wonderful melodies:)+0
awesome sax playing again Mark:)we just need to hook a drummer now:D+0
sehr sehr gute performance Fishinmissio<3<3:W+0
Beautiful add here again bro <3+0
Just so lovely Fish!! Excellent sax!<3+0

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