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Tricky, tricky, tricky. Trickier than a tricky thing on a tricky day out to trickyland. I tried numerous patterns with this track - in fact a I have a complete first-try mix which I decided to give up on and try something new with. At face value, this fab track from Marc doesn't sound too, erm, tricky. But get into it with rhythms and things just don't sit right. At least to my ears it didn't. There's an element of ...


Sorry for my tricky things... edgy too...
The blue part is supercool, and the orange parts are very tight and strong! Than the tricky parts are kicking in, every note triggered a rhythmic pattern and i wasn’t consistend listening it back now, that made it very hard to play some tight drums to it! Sorry bout that!
Than i lost timingcontrol in the second orange part, the phaserrhodes were played in a strange groove there... sorry bout that too....
Great job on the green parts and the last red parts, they work like a charm!
Hope you still had good fun on the track, maybe a bassplayer can hide my timingproblems and bring it together with your cool drums! Thanks Martin, enjoyed it! :)
December 06 2018 01:24:09
mpointon Hey Marc! I wasn't complaining, honest! I was just expressing my challenges I saw in trying to get the track 'right'.

It's tough and borne out of my desire to get tracks 'right' and I often get very hard on myself, hearing every error along the way.

It's a great template and it's my job to fit in, not your job to make a 'perfect track'. I'm sorry if you thought I was complaining - I never meant that!
December 06 2018 08:15:05
Marceys No,no, i wasn’t taking it that way at all! But it is good to listen and analyse my own playing from time to time!
It’s good for my learningcurve! :) :)
wow!.... and THAT'S why you're a drummer!+2
Good choices Martin...sounds great :)+1
Very good job Martin!! :)+1
this might be a puzzle but it still sounds great !+1
Nice one Martin+1
Pretty cool :)+1
Always up for a challenge...yea, that's you. Really like the way you handled the change in the green section. What always astounds is how appropriately you sound and mix. Would have been way easy to overwhelm this delicate track.+1
December 06 2018 01:28:56
mpointon Thank you Wade. Mix is key for me. And I've been learning over my three or more years here how to refine it.

The mix, for me, is a lot like playing live: it's hard to hear yourself in context and how other people hear you. Just because the mix is bad to your ears doesn't mean those out front aren't hearing it the same way.

I try to take the same approach with recorded mixes. I listen and listen and listen, in the hope I can put myself in the right place. I don't want to stand out but I have to counter it with my job to provide drive. Like most instruments, I aim to mix to be part of the track, not out front.

I don't always get it right but that's what the HD mix is for - so people with better ears and understanding for such things can do it for me! :)

The worst thing I could do is mix myself out front and take over everyone else.

But you're absolutely right: judging your place, not only in the mix, but also to mix for the context of the type of music you're playing in makes a big difference. Sometimes I get it right!
December 06 2018 06:22:57
Wade Very right on this one, and it would have been easy to get it wrong. +0
Very clean and smooth work Martin. I dig the intro pattern--It sounds unique and catchy;)+1
December 10 2018 10:31:19
mpointon Thanks, Frank. Not sure why it popped into my head to play the rim of the snare! It just seemed different!

As usual, the second part on the snare rim is a paradiddle!

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