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Free with a lot of space for other adds. The minute or so space in the middle is deliberate and open for other dialogue to bridge the two other sections...or not as you wish. Thanks for listening and adding if you have time and the desire.


If I wasn’t in a hospital bed i’d Already have downloaded and started doing something on this! Super! When i’m Out!+3
December 05 2018 23:21:44
Jazzpick My best energies for your quick recovery, GemmyF. :) +1
December 05 2018 23:22:29
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks!!!!!!!!! +0
December 06 2018 00:45:40
GoneUser_200920 Jim what's going on? I remember Yogi Berra's comment about jazz to an interviewer Yogi: Anyone who understands jazz knows that you can't understand it. It's too complicated. That's whats so simple about it.

Interviewer: Do you understand it?

Yogi: No. That's why I can explain it. If I understood it, I wouldn't know anything about it. Hope you're on the mend. G
December 06 2018 01:00:32
CameAndWent4-20 Hi Jim....firstly I wish you a speedy recovery and secondly I look forward to your add when you are once again in better health....warm regards, Alex +1
very cool sounds and ideas :) the track has a great level of abstraction and yet keeps speaking a language that i can very much understand :D+2
wow thats a cool template Alex...;););)+1
Very cool jam Alex... open totally to free ideas and directions ...+1
wow interesting!! :W:O+1
The journey to freedom doesn't need a bus ticket but a musical instrument driven by a chainless mind and lot of joy for new horizons exploring.

Amazing piece of music turned in freedom...and viceversa, Alex :)
Interesting Alex, about another creative side of your musical soul and maybe your “background” and experience+1
Very cool...the flute has an almost digery flavor to it <3 :W+1
December 06 2018 00:56:40
CameAndWent4-20 I used Bass Flute and Piccolo...big tubes lend themselves to so much in terms of sound scapes....I wish I could justify buying a contra bass Flute but $20,000 isn't in my budget unfortunately....thanks Mark.....percussion add maybe..??? +1
December 06 2018 01:02:26
WhiteDrum55 Yes! Queuing up on Cubase as I type ;) :D +1
December 06 2018 01:22:21
CameAndWent4-20 Fabulous Mark.... +1
If you're looking for inspiration beyond anything I have here please do check out Evan Parker (Soprano Sax) and Tony Oxley (Drums) who provided me with large amounts of it. A drums/percussion add would be very cool....and thanks so much for the generous comments so far..+1
very well:)+1
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