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Groovy bass line with my new bass.... Ohhhh. Bass solo in the green zone with little Chorus effect. - BASS: ¿? soon the brand! bets are accepted ;) Sound record touch on bridge pickups with phase inversion (look at the photo) -Set EQ on the bass: passive EQ with 10 % open tone --PREAMPLIFIER: Bass IN direct Behringer UltraGMic200 Valve (XLR/jack OUT) ...


What about a picture of the whole thing Mario? Sounds great by the way.+1
December 05 2018 22:22:13
GlezBass very soon I upload a photo with daylight and decently presentable ... it is a very peculiar aesthetic! thanks for the feedback ;) +0
sounds really good your new bass and a well played bass line Mario...;););)+1
December 05 2018 22:25:38
GlezBass thanks so much Nils! :) +1
:) Great bass my friend!! Coool solo bro :W Sweeeet sound!+1
December 06 2018 01:14:21
GlezBass thanks so much Ernie, soon upload new photos... cool bass!! +1
Wow. Busy, latin-sounding and so grooving, Mario. It sits so well with the track - busy but never intrusive. Excellent add as you always do!+1
December 06 2018 01:32:29
GlezBass thanks so much Martin!! always the beats drums it´s so stirring for me ;) +0
very cool, nice sound & play :)
I think i have to do as you, writing in the description what effects i use ... i never remember what i did :D
December 06 2018 18:41:29
GlezBass that's why I began to reference effects, to share info and to remember how I made the sound of a jam ;) +1
Acojonante sonido!!! :Y y ritmazo llevas en el alma <3+1
December 06 2018 22:04:11
GlezBass gracias Andres!! +0
Yeah Mario! you played it with the right feel and precission! Very good drive, and the solo is spot on too!+1
December 07 2018 23:33:23
GlezBass thanks so much Marc! if you noticed, change some notes in the bass with respect to your chordsheet proposal and I think you get a more funky groove ;)
by the way my new bass is a Kramer StageMaster like that of the showcase photos
That’s a great bass line Mario. It’s quite amazing how your line drives the chords. Very precise. Fits beautifully. Bravissimo😎+1
December 09 2018 01:02:23
GlezBass Glad you like it the jam Alex, with Marc and Martin always the bass sound better!! he he. ;) +0
This is my new bass in this jam, played recently received at home without too many adjustments made with sound without effects, it is a classic of the 80 of the few that were made with aluminum neck;)

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