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had no idea where this was going, but it appealed to my crazy side, so I jumped in and noodled about, swam with the whales in the landfill for a bit.. cool stuff fellas .. thanks for the jam! :)
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free to go!


just noodle it! :o Sounds great! I think kind of jam is really fun. Glad you joined in...Cheers Ernie :D+1
December 06 2018 15:34:50
Ernie440 yeah it is fun, guess cuz it's quite free ... good thing for the ole brain!! Thanks man! Cooolio drummin brah! :D +2
Can’t here the bass cell phone speakers but glad you gave it a play hope you put up a single track—- ahh towards end I hear bass—-waiting for my INR level to get to 1.5 before the slice and dice on the hernia-maybe today+1
December 06 2018 16:36:17
Ernie440 Right .. those blood thinners forgot about that ... ahh you'll be fine bro .. no worries! (easy for me to say) Yeah I got my single track, something for you to look forward to. (HD on it's way) +0
December 06 2018 16:49:33
Leftdaloops1019 Declas and Ernie’s bass track—— a reason to live.🤪🤩 +1
December 06 2018 16:54:29
Ernie440 You'll live!! The worst part is the recovery and not being able to lift anything or do much for an extended time ... other than that .. you're groovin! I was just checkin' out those walk up performance stands for guitar and bass yesterday ... something you might want to look into. Wearing a guitar or having one cut off the circulation on your right leg isn't good even if you're healthy! :O +0
December 06 2018 18:58:45
Leftdaloops1019 Those would need a swivel for me I can’t stand still and play got to boogie INR test is in range so maybe splice and dice today +1
December 06 2018 19:00:41
Ernie440 The SpazzMeister!! +1
December 06 2018 19:04:00
Leftdaloops1019 Exactly-if I didn’t need cables i’ Be way more sazzzzzzling +1
December 06 2018 19:06:00
Ernie440 Well not to rain on your parade but you won't be spazzing for a few weeks anyway .. good luck on the surg brotha! +1
WOW!!!! You make this work!!!!!! Excellent creativity, Ernie!!!!!+1
December 06 2018 17:12:02
Ernie440 :D thanks Dan, appreciate it my friend :D +0
Sorry I inadvertently deleted my post to Ernie. It said “Great stuff. It brings Mark’s drumming into the whole and really cements it. Excellent work”+1
December 06 2018 18:38:26
Ernie440 LOL!! These things happen and I said something like, thanks, this stuff makes players stretch out .. such a creative and cool track from you, looking forward to some more adds on your track! :D:) +1
Sweet :0+1
December 06 2018 19:05:14
Ernie440 thank ya DB! :) +0
Sounds really cool Ernie. Love it!<3:W:)+1
December 06 2018 19:32:27
Ernie440 thanks most kindly dear Dee :D :):W<3 +1
a fantastic bass ride here well done Ernie...;););)+1
December 06 2018 23:39:46
Ernie440 thanks buddy!! :W +1
Oh yeah....great noodles! Sweet bass Ernie!+1
December 07 2018 10:23:27
Ernie440 thanks Tom! :D +0
Nice swing and cool feel very out there and original..great play Ernie:W:W:)+1
December 07 2018 10:24:00
Ernie440 thanks Peter, appreciate it .. wasn't really sure how it would play out, so to speak ... :D +1

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