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Wonderful and soft jam... deep bass tone for that with harmonics bass ;) - BASS: my new bass ¿? soon the brand! bets are accepted ;) (a little clue in the cover photo ...) Sound record touch on neck pickups with phase inversion -Set EQ on the bass: passive EQ with 10 % open tone --PREAMPLIFIER: Bass IN direct Behringer UltraGMic200 Valve (XLR/jack OUT) -- Analogic effect : Korg Pandora Motown compresor --INTERFACE SOUND: FocusRite Scarlett Solo signal*2 stereo (XLR/jack IN) --DAW SOFTWARE: ...


WOW, So Beautiful, Mario!!!! Very cool playing my friend!!!+2
December 06 2018 18:15:05
GlezBass thanks so much Dan!! of premiere with my new bass :) +0
very nice fit ;) with your new Kramer ? :Y+2
December 06 2018 18:18:17
GlezBass oh yeah!! many thanks buddy! yes... my new bass it´s a Kramer StageMaster Imperial bass 80´s. Great and cool bass in aesthetic and sound :D
Pickup bridge sound here #152482
December 06 2018 18:25:35
Sarsippius new bass is like a new start, i always be intrigued by this aluminium head, very nice bass indeed !!! +2
December 06 2018 18:30:06
GlezBass my first impression is of extreme solidity, rigidity of the body and neck with an infinite sustain, and an incredible sound to be a passive bass with DiMarzio pickups, the worst ... the weight is a heavy bass !! but very very solid! in any concert you would not go unnoticed !! +1
Congratulations Glez, for your track and for your new bass ! So finally, that's a Kramer ! very nice sound, deep and warm :D+2
December 06 2018 22:08:23
GlezBass Many thaks friend!! yess the bass is a Kramer StageMaster 80´s, really cool bass :) +1
Sonidazo Bro!!! Líado yo, pero en nada me incorporo. Lo echo de menos.
Miss you <3
December 06 2018 22:06:35
GlezBass si este bajo suena canela!! ;) +0
Very Good, as Tof's track too. Bravo ; Love song ! :)+2
December 06 2018 22:05:59
GlezBass thanks so much buddy! +0
Wow...awesome harmonic work Mario. Beautifully done <3 :)+2
December 07 2018 09:51:04
GlezBass thanks so much Mark! the harmonics are cool notes on the bass ;) +1
a fantastic bass line Mario...;););)+1
December 06 2018 22:05:39
GlezBass thanks Nils! +1
Consummate bass player Mario wonderful<3+1
December 07 2018 09:50:27
GlezBass ohhh many thanks Peter! +1
super line:)+1
December 07 2018 09:50:14
Lenny Cowler
GlezBass thanks Lenny :) +0
new favorite...:D+1
December 07 2018 20:23:36
GlezBass yess.... thanks friend! +1
December 08 2018 04:17:12
sharkjerky you may have motivated me to finally contribute to a song, as this is wonderful. great work,,,as always it seems +1

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