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I was reading a lecture by Stephen HAWKING when I heard he passed away. Right after, I recorded the guitars and I stored the takes in my « to do » file. Coming back to Wikiloops after I have been absent for one year, I found out that Stella wasn’t there. Professor Hawking shall return as soon as a time machine is invented in the future. But when it comes to Stella, I got to thinking I could perhaps take a chance and try ...
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Funk, Template, Spacetime, Song


Wow !! Encore un super track Stan :o Y'a pas, tout est excellent, les grattes, les voix ... :o<3+1
December 12 2018 18:07:57
Funkystan Merci Arno ^^ Je voulais que Stella me place des choeurs et des sexy whispers... Mais il faut tout faire soi-même :o +1
December 13 2018 10:30:47
ARNOSOLO C'est vrai que ça fait un moment qu'elle n'est plus dans le coin ... Depuis qu'elle a acheté une Citroën je pense ... Elle doit être en panne quelque part ! (j'ai une Citroën ;) ) +1
December 13 2018 10:33:28
Funkystan Avec le volant du mauvais côté, comment tu veux que çà marche correctement ? ^^ +1
Parfait, t’as quand même fait un peu de musique pendant cette année « away from wikiloops «  !:)
J’attends les drums pour brancher la 4 cordes ;)
December 12 2018 18:09:56
Funkystan Je t'attends avec impatience ^^C'est un vrai terrain de jeu pour la section rythmique...
En fait... Depuis Juillet 2017. Mais j'ai eu un peu de temps début Mars et j'ai encore pas mal de trucs à terminer ^^
December 12 2018 18:13:27
Funkystan Au fait elle est partie où Stella ? +0
Very cool Stan. :Y :D+1
December 12 2018 18:10:15
Funkystan Thanks a lot Adu ^^ +0
Amazing track! Great ambience and vocals Stan! :)+1
December 12 2018 18:11:20
Funkystan Thank you Stef'... Fine keys are welcome ^^ +1
Yet another awesome funky tune my friend:W+1
December 12 2018 18:11:51
Funkystan Yeah^^Thanks a lot Bud' :W +0
great job on this funkystan!!!:)+1
December 12 2018 18:30:11
Major 3rd
Funkystan Many thanks Major ^^ +0
Ground control to Major Stan .. another funky cool tune brotha!!! :W:W+1
December 12 2018 19:51:32
Funkystan Major Stan to Ground control: A tune is properly called funky as soon as I can hear a furious bass line :W
Thanks brotha' Ernie ^^
Great!! the work to the loopers accumulates with the good jams, I still have the previous one with WD55 in playlist for my bass line! :)+1
December 12 2018 20:54:41
Funkystan So cool! I do hope a drummer is gonna take care of this track and turn it into a bass player playground... Thanks a lot Mate ^^ +1
December 12 2018 22:13:02
GlezBass Your last jam with WD55 on drums... here with bass #152994. Hope you like it friend ! :) +1
December 12 2018 22:24:14
Funkystan Yes I do! Thanks Man ^^ +1
yep that is funky :)+1
December 12 2018 23:19:12
Funkystan Lol ^^ Thanks a lot Bud' ^^ +1
December 13 2018 09:02:35
Lenny Cowler
Funkystan Thanks Bro' ^^ +0

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