A Sunny Day - OliV Remix

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Apologies to Oli - he emailed me the file which I promptly forgot about for a couple of days. Another super remix from Oli featuring the inimitable Fivestringer! He's merged my take from a separate stem to here and it's seamless! Enjoy


Oliv likes things organized;) but I think there's no need for your apologies :@ because I started this unbalance, while you just delivered another great drumtrack! :D
Thanks for that and Oliv for the remix!
December 13 2018 19:46:29
OliVBee super true all you said :) +2
HD power again! It works great guys!
Tight and cohesion, we should try this on a live stage sometimes! Good singer to it would be great now! :)
High-class drumming! Thanks Martin ^^+1
YAY :D here you are too !! still the mint drumming and i can't thank you enough for the quality of your takes soundwise ;)+1
Really great play, tight, creative, flawless groove bravo Martin
Congratulations to all and Magical mixing OBV
Beautiful playing and fine mix.+1
doesn't this groove so nice :)+0
Greetings to all, I was wondering if it is possible to use these track, I am a saxophonist and for weddings or small live in some place they might like. Thank you for your availability.+0
OH man this is super on point .nice mix+0

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