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December 13 2018 20:29:47
solozolo Thank u +0
a very very good vocal and text solo...;););)+1
Great lyrics and vocals, music. Very beautiful. Such an enjoyable listen too. Solo<3<3<3+1
excellent solozolo, I am fabulous the track, beautiful lyrics and voice thanks<3:D:D+1
Fantastic solozolo !! Great singing, wonderful lyrics too :) >3+1
fantastic vocals, solozolo!!! great tune!!!! :W:W:W:)+1
Everyone needs a friend they can count on
Someone to relate too when they’re feeling down
Someone to share deep memories too
Because everyone, everyone need a special friend
Even when you’re feeling down, you can count on them
To assure you everything is going to work out alright, alright
It a work out alright just take your time
You’ll find you can do almost anything
As long as you have that friend you can count on
Pull you up when you’re feeling down
Bring you back around, you have a friend

Everyone needs a special friend they can count on
They can help you when you’re feeling down
Just like the sun that shines from the sky
That special friend well be there by your side

A special friend by your side
Can pull you back when you’re feeling right
Don’t forget to thank them, for everything they do oh for you
Your special friend special special friend
Special friend
Special friend
SUPER vocal buddy-love the lyrics too:W<3:W
December 13 2018 20:30:00
solozolo Thanks +1
Thank you all for all the beautiful compliments :W+0

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