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A mixture of Indian, Arabic and European grooves, rhythms, and sounds. The sitar melody I found on looperman, but the rest is my own work.
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Ethnic, Asian, European, Dance


love all the different sounds in this one Paul and so groovy , what's not to like :)+2
December 18 2018 12:48:35
pconey Thanks Shi, I like to experiment with world rhythms mix them up and try to get something new! I find it fascinating how it all works.. +1
December 18 2018 20:52:52
Shi really like what you did :) +1
December 18 2018 20:54:43
pconey Many thanks Shi :) +1
Climbing from Mike's add... Again... You two get along well!!!
Superb track! Thanks ^^
December 18 2018 12:50:28
pconey Thanks Funkystan, yes I have done many collaborations with Mike (and GrooveEnth) - great guys and great fun :D +1
December 18 2018 15:13:23
Funkystan Yep... I was off the loops for at least one year and I'm discovering your tracks. I dig them! And GroovEnth's lines are just awesome. Each layer is shrewd and sounds great. Seems to me like it could be tricky to join in a track without ruining the whole mix's sounding but I'll try to give it a go at some point ^^ +1
December 18 2018 15:16:54
pconey Please do my friend, I think anything is worth a try, guitars, sound effects, loops, whatever you like! I try to come up with something new, its not easy though! :) +1
December 18 2018 15:19:12
Funkystan Was thinking of vocals...
I stay tuned!!! ^^
December 18 2018 15:21:11
pconey Go for it!! :) +1
Wowo - loving this Paul ! :D :D Especially the drone/synth that comes in at 1:08+1
December 17 2018 15:30:33
pconey Thanks Groove, I will be interested to see how this one develops! ;) +0
Awesome track Paul:Y:Y+1
December 17 2018 17:36:37
pconey Thanks a lot for that Pete, I appreciate you listening! (and dancing! :) :D ) +1
December 17 2018 18:20:58
petebass :D:D:D +1
Very cool, Paul... good to see you still kicking out the hits my friend. :)<3+1
December 17 2018 17:37:43
pconey Hi Don, thank you so much. Im still about, not sure if they are hits, but fun anyway! I hope you are well my friend! :) +1
wonderful wake up call! delightful dancing sounds with wonderful intensities....<3+1
December 18 2018 12:45:14
pconey Thank you so much Anne! :) +0
Fantastic, what you are doing here!<3<3<3+1
December 18 2018 00:31:05
Mikebanez what I keep telling him:o +1
December 18 2018 12:45:51
pconey Thanks very much Rene, I appreciate you listening! :D:) +1
Great job Paul!+1
December 18 2018 12:46:45
pconey Thanks a lot Mario...bass?!? hmmm?? :D +1
PconetAirlines invitation to travel+1
December 18 2018 12:51:40
pconey Welcome abroad brother! The Crazy Crew world tour, inside your computers CPU..Were flying to mikes soon for a parrrrrty! :):D +0
Another great arrangement from you Paul:W:Y:D+1
December 18 2018 12:52:12
pconey Thanks my friend...yeeeeeharrr!! Cool add from you man! :):D +1

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